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Apple bought a C3 to integrate in iOS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...&v=Q5lM_KefDkgThe February event could be this software? I love the youtube demo.
Apple would never have 5 weeks lead time. They would loose billions in Ipad3 sales. History tells us that Apple update products are released 1-3 weeks before the public can have it in hand. Apple also needs to ramp up Ipad 3 production. Apple will sell millions on launch day depending on how many markets they release it in.
Never in an Imac. MacPro in other hand... BTW I want the event to be iOS6 beta event. NFC, 3D maps and all that good stuff. Makes an Iphone possible in 3-4 month. Just in time for WWDC.
Apple "lost" a GPRS patent dispute with Moto. GPRS is something that is not used by Apple. Apple uses 2G and EDGE. Non of those are GPRS. 2G ---> GPRS ---> EDGE ---> 3Gv1 384Kbit ---> 3G 1.4Mbit ---> 3G 7Mbit, 14, 21 ---> LTE Apple will win an appeal.
Show me the players that play .flac 24/192. Flac is a play format just like DivX and Xvid. For audio the open source Apple Loose less is far more interesting then Flac.
Samsung can't do that. Its a cultural thing "saving face".
The PC market shrank. But that is including mac sales. Remove mac sales and PC went down almost 9% Q4 2011. AMD/Intel can continue to play and blame lacking hard drives. The truth is that we are seeing the PostPC world. The Ipad2 is powerful enough of all people who wants to surf/pay bills. imagine this year with 3-4 times faster iPads. Hook up a big screen + BT keyboard and you have a computer setup. That is the future. Intel have gone lazy. 2006-2011 they...
Samsung's brand name is good. Quality products for a bit cheaper then the other high end brands. For me Samsung is dead. I hate my Samsung stuff at home and tell my friends who have Samsung phones that Samsung is an unethical company. 2005: Apple give Samsung 1 billion to build NAND Flash factories. Apple is Samsung's largest customer. Apple orders SoC, touchscreen, memory, flash and other components from Samsung. Samsung have Apples roadmaps for the coming...
Tech media is often very uneducated. This media forms the minds of most tech users. "Apple is closed. MSFT/Google is open". "Viruses exist on PC because its the most popular platform". "Apples antenna gate" "Apple uses slave labour". "its normal to have a firewall on you phone" As a security export I would never allow Android phones into my company. Apps are installed as Root on the devices without password.. This means that its impossible to make these devices...
Another over valued .com bubble company. A 4 billion revenue company should have an valuation between 4 billion to 16 depending on growth and profit. Facebook wants 8 times as much. Just like Pandora, NetFlix and Amazon. All companies that have huge market share/grows fast and make no money. Somehow WallStreet forgets the .com bubble. Growth that cost profit is stupid,still they reward Amazon with a 10 times higher valuation then Apple since Amazon...
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