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Apple puts stuff like DDR2 controllers, NOVA and the voice chip into its SoC. That is why its 30% larger then other SoCs. So yes. Apple uses standard ARM cores, but the stuff around is Apple specific. You can look at any benchmark and see the huge different between the Apple SoC and Tegra2 for example. Exactly the same ARM cores, but Apple are much faster (thanks to the memory interface and other stuff).
This is Apple (and all other "closed vendors") advantage. Apple is in an unique position to customize its SoC with stuff that they want to use in iOS (and later OSX when they are merged). This patent is one more evidence in this brilliant strategy. Take A5. 1 year after its release there is no other ARM SoC that have the same performance in real world tasks. Even the single core A4 performed within 8% with dual core Tegra's. A5 is a "huge" ARM SoC. Its 30%...
Moto/Google are insane. Apple pays for example Nokia 1 dollar per 3G device. Moto/Google may have right for the same amount. Still many many millions.
' Raw power. Yes. Intel is faster. But you can program stuff better with RISC and SIMD. In 2002 the fastest PC was AMD 1.5ghz. Encoding a DVD took 15 hours on AMD. On Powerbook 667mhz it took 90 minutes thanks to Altivec. Intelligence is something that Apple have and elegance is better then raw power. Raw power is for Windows since they cant optimize anything since there are millions of different PC configurations. You are also comparing 130 watt Intel to 2 watt ARM....
You know that its impossible with X86 to be power efficient? The architecture makes the CPU to large. Large CPU leads to heat, more cost and more energy. X86 is many things. Not fastest, not most power efficient. X86 have always "won" since Windows support it and that processor are cheap compared to RISC processors. Remember that RISC went 64bit in 1995 and that first with Win7 64bit is widespread in the X86 world. And that is with 64bit extensions, not true/pure...
Apple are rumored to merge iOS and OSX. That would lead to ARM macs. Performance is the only reason not to use ARM and we are seeing that stuff are "fast enough" according to Apple. Why wouldn't Apple release Mac Pro if they really thought that performance was important? Updating the MacPro line is something that is done with minimal work for Apple since Intel designs the motherboards. Everything else is reused. 2006--2011 Intel have doubled its...
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Apple bought a C3 to integrate in iOS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...&v=Q5lM_KefDkgThe February event could be this software? I love the youtube demo.
Apple would never have 5 weeks lead time. They would loose billions in Ipad3 sales. History tells us that Apple update products are released 1-3 weeks before the public can have it in hand. Apple also needs to ramp up Ipad 3 production. Apple will sell millions on launch day depending on how many markets they release it in.
Never in an Imac. MacPro in other hand... BTW I want the event to be iOS6 beta event. NFC, 3D maps and all that good stuff. Makes an Iphone possible in 3-4 month. Just in time for WWDC.
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