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Even UN said that there where WMD in Iraq. The problem was that US gave Iraq a 6 month deadline before the attack. Iraq had plenty of time to destroy their WMD. Iraq is one of the few countries in the world history that have used WMD, so they had them. That is fact. They killed over 5000 Kurds with gas. Bookmark this post, and you will see that I am right. Iraq is exactly like Germany in 1945. In 1945 almost all countries in Europe where run by dictators. The...
The positive thing with Obama is how US is seen in the world. He is extremely popular. Bush was incredible hated. The US problems can't be fixed since no one dares to tell the truth. 1/3 of the budget is military and that is totally unnecessary. But US people believe that they need to be "strong" and play police around the world. I personally understand and is extremely grateful for the sacrifice that US does in life and money. The problem is that the wast majority of...
These BOM breakdowns are just bull. They have no idea what component costs or count stuff like packaging, resarch, support and other costs. You can see in the reports how much money makes in averege with their stuff. Apple makes about 30% in averge, that is lower then Google/MSFT/Intel. Apple make tons of money since 30% profit on a 1000 dollar computer is more then 40% on a 400 dollar computer.
But you forget: Apple is doomed. It does not have Adobe Flash and Android ruleZzZzZ.
Apple is an international company, why do they need to buy their chips in US? Apple get less then 50% of its revenue from US. BTW. I want Apple to buy/build their own foundry. It would be cheaper and stop Samsung from having a free Apple roadmap.
Samsung does not just give itself components. It does not work like that. They buy them internally and that is counted in this report.
Just suggesting that other countries have more skill to produce stuff then other countries is plain racism. Its ok as long as the racism is against "western" countries. There is nothing that the chinese can manufacture that US/EU can't manufacture at the same/better quality. The problem is regulations and corrupt governments that are in the corporations pockets. Outsourcing is one of the most destructive things to western countries. Just look at the rise of Samsung...
BTW. The underlying technology in Android/iOS is 50 yeas old and its great. Unix is by far the best computer core there is/have ever been. Without Unix we would not have the OSX/iOS/Android revolution. So the age of the core does not matter. The world will be a much better place the day MSFT desides to remove the useless Windows core and replace it with a Unix core. MSFT can put their GUI/Metro over the Unix foundation and it would fix many of the problems that...
189K sold devices in a year is good?Ipad1 sold more in the first hour.
It wasn't the low prices on Amazon ebooks that drove publishers mad. It was the cracy 70-30 split of revenue. Amazon 70% and publishers 30%. This is the reason why many ebooks are more expensive then retail books.
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