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I want the tech press to start to educate users why Google/Facebook have "free" services. www.google.com/dashboard.  It's ok to data mine as long as the customers understand that THEY  are the commodity for Google and Facebook.    I like Google. But I don't want to be data mined. Why not have a google payed service where there is no data mining?    I have to say that Googles table looks like a quality product. I don't like the design. But this is more the IKEA...
Google have to loose money on this project. If Tegra 3 is manufactured at 40nm, the SoC cost about 40-50 dollar.    I understand Google. They make money on advertising, not on the hardware. The funny thing is that iOS have generated more advertising money for Google then Android.
  Iphone 1,1 Iphone 3G 1,2 Iphone 3Gs 2,1 Iphone 4 3,1 Iphone 4 CDMA 3,3 Iphone 4S 4,1 The new Iphone 5,1   Apple thinks its Iphone 5,1  (the next version) 
  The consumer will vote. There is a reason why the 17 inch is killed of and that Mac book air sells millions.    Retina display is never a waste. Its the feature. Resolution independence will be huge. Its also great when pixel stops working. You can't see the bad pixels.    Memory: Don't you think 8 gig is enough for all people who don't use more then one virtual machine?    The nerds that wants to swap memory, hard drive and other stuff inside their computers are just a...
  nope.   And Mac Pro have the laziest bump in history. No thunderbolt. No usb3. Tim Cook accept substandard products.  The New Apple.... 
  HDMI capture is difficult due to enforced HDCP encryption. That is why for example SlingBox HD lacks HDMI ports.    I have to look up the Intensity pro card to check how they bypass encryption.
  Anything Apple does always have fandroids, crazy microsoft fans and nerds screaming.   To be ignorant and blunt: If they love Samsung so much: move to Korea. 
What is Apple's problem? During the honeymoon between Intel and Apple, Apple release Mac Pros with Xeon's not released officially. Then Intel/Apple had a fallout over that Intel didn't license the CPU interconnect to Nvidia, so Nvidia was forced stop making motherboards.  Apple started to talk to AMD.  During the Intel/Apple exclusive agreement, Intel engineers designed Apples motherboards. I don't know how its today.  But if Intel still designs Apples...
Since Apple bought Anobit, everything will use flash someday. I think its a bit early for an Apple branded SSD, even if I would love to see it. Anobit controllers run at 660meg/sec. That is quite good. An educated guess is that the Macbook pro will get a small Macbook Air SSD and an optional 2.5 inch drive. (My old macbook pro hace 2x1 terra. WD have 2 terra 2.5inch. Fun to be able to have 4 terra in a laptop)
  Apple is not a web business. 95% chance for no web version. 
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