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I have always wondered why Apple don't allow App sales for AppleTV. AppleTV could be a great gaming device. Especially with A6/Rouge class SoC.
Apples MacPro sales went down when Intel introduced Nehalem. The "Core" based Xeon's cost about 300-500 dollars for a decent core/mhz processor. With Nehalem (and no competition from AMD), Intel raised the prices 300% for Xeon processors. 2006 I could get a dual quad core 2.66ghz Mac Pro about 2000 dollar. The cheapest Nehalem MacPro dual core was 3500 dollars, and that was 2ghz/2.2ghz parts. To get some speed you needed to add 1000 dollars. This killed the...
Fandroids: Apple just does this to make money! In real world: All Android OEMs exempt two pays licensing/protection fees to MSFT 5-15 dollar per device. MSFT that have done zero innovation in multitouch gets money from Android, and the Fandroid thinks Apple is evil. But todays Apple is not the same as Apple under Steve. Apple is starting to do the same mistakes that the did in 1985 when Steve left. Dividend, stock buy back program, 5 month slip of iOS5, 2-3 month...
"A5X costs an estimated $23" This have to be wrong. I understand that BOM are guesses, but they need to have some logic. The A5X is an gigantic SoC. Larger SoC = more expensive to manufacture. The 23 dollar price is calculated on a Wafer price of 5000 dollars and that you get about 220 die candidates from a wafer. At least 10-20% of the dies will fail validation. + design cost + license cost to ARM and PowerVR. Compare it to Tegra3. Its 50% smaller on a smaller...
This is a great idea.
I remember when Apple was the leader in ethernet technology. Apple pro products had it as standard at least 5 years before PC. To bad that Apple don't want to be leaders anymore and haven't adopted 10Gbits adapters. 802.11ac with 3 antennas is actually faster the gigabit ethernet. In real world tests a bit over 1 gigabit. With ethernet you are lucky to get 800Mbit from a gigabit cable. BTW. I was one of the few crazy people who had a firewire network at home. Great...
DigiTimes = Trolling times. They have a very poor track record. 1) Is Ivy bridge designed motherboard ready? 2) Have intel started to supply Apple with Ivy bridge? 3) What about the GPU? Kepler is delayed. What about mobile 28nm AMD GPUs? 4) Is retina displays ready. no no no no So... Trolling times is wrong again.
When the worlds most powerful man calls you, why not go? Even if you don't like his politics, he is still the president. Ive could learn him a thing if Obama is interested. Obama = 96% approval rating in Sweden \
I hope they quicktime the event.
80 dollar is about the extra cost for the retina display. I personally think the quad core model will cost 80 dollar more. Many will pay 80 dollar extra for a quad core CPU. The fun thing for Apple is that the quad core cost about the same as the dual core.
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