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DigiTimes = Trolling times. They have a very poor track record. 1) Is Ivy bridge designed motherboard ready? 2) Have intel started to supply Apple with Ivy bridge? 3) What about the GPU? Kepler is delayed. What about mobile 28nm AMD GPUs? 4) Is retina displays ready. no no no no So... Trolling times is wrong again.
When the worlds most powerful man calls you, why not go? Even if you don't like his politics, he is still the president. Ive could learn him a thing if Obama is interested. Obama = 96% approval rating in Sweden \
I hope they quicktime the event.
80 dollar is about the extra cost for the retina display. I personally think the quad core model will cost 80 dollar more. Many will pay 80 dollar extra for a quad core CPU. The fun thing for Apple is that the quad core cost about the same as the dual core.
Don't write stuff like that. They know where you live. They know every dark secret if you have used google search in you life.
They don't know. "analysts" are almost always wrong. Usually they make these kinds of reports to drive the shares they way they want. We will soon get a couple of "Apple is doomed" analyst to drive down the stock, while they are shorting the stock. Have zero respect for Analytics especially in technology there they know zero about technology.
And its not just one time. A couple of years ago Shuttle and SFF was big. All copies of the most beautiful computer of all time: G4Cube. --- I wish that some mole would report if Apple and Intel resigned their agreement. 2005-6 they signed a 5 year agreement. Intel designs motherboards for Apple + CPU. Many times Apple got pre released CPUs. Then the problems between Intel and Apple started. Intel got crazy and stopped third party motherboard chipset for i7 CPUs. Apple...
Those stickers are fun. I bought a Sony Vaio a month ago. 7 different stickers. From Intel,Nvidia,3Dvision, Genuine Microsoft and so on... Total crap including all crap ware inside the computer.
The first Macbook Air is from when the Intel and Apple relationship still was good. Intel designed a special smaller CPU just for the original Macbook Air. This created this whole market making billions for both Intel and Apple. To bad that Intel and Apples relationship have gone bad and that Intel now tries to punish Apple by subsidizing other PC vendors. It will be a great day when we stop play with X86 and move back to RISC. With universal binaries Apple could...
Intel makes CPU/Motherboard/ and a bit more things in Ultrabooks. They do the same things for Apple in Macbook Air. So why is Intel subsidization some customers with hundreds of millions of dollars when they only combat Apple who also uses Intel stuff? The only logical reason is that Intel knows that Apple will switch to ARM someday. And Apple should do it. The integrated platform makes it possible for Apple to have same/better performence on ARM then Intel....
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