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Yikes! Can you describe some of the ways in which it is crap? So, if it works via Apple Image Capture, does that mean that Graphic Converter can use it too?
I have heard bad things about HP scanner drivers. We are considering getting a cheap All-in-One like the 5610 or 6210. It looks like they use the HP Scan Pro software... Is the scanning interface some bloated proprietary interface or will it work via TWAIN through GraphicConverter?
Do you have the latest version of Adobe Flash plugin installed?
Is there an easy way to disable/enable the console logs? My logs are filled with garbage like "Unsafe javascript attempt..." "(event hadler) Undefined value" and all kinds of other stuff. It looks like the dashboard widget that I use for RSS is also storing its articles in there too...!
How about Apple fixing some of the real issues that I encounter on a daily basis using 10.4.8 PPC: -Scroll bars disappearing in Finder windows -Finder window placements/size/view etc type not working on burned CD's -Changes to default file handlers not sticking -Safari memory leak
For a menu bar clock with a drop down calendar, MenuCalendarClock has a 'free mode' that won't nag you. You can't change all of the prefs, but you can use the basic calendar and can fully customize the clock display... Also, don't forget that Dashboard comes with a Calendar widget.
Gmail just updated their interface today, and it includes a menu button that is not compatible with Safari 2.x There really is no excuse for that...
Hi, I seem to be losing various system settings every few days... For example, the "Open With" customizations that I have made seem to revert back to defaults. Also, some of the settings in "Energy Saver" like screen dimming and drive spin-down don't always seem to be respecting the preferences that are set. The screen sometimes dims even though I have "Automatically reduce the brightness of the display before sleep" unchecked. And my disks seem to spin-down even...
The first thing Apple needs to do is get Safari working fully with Gmail and the other Ajax based services... Apple better not make us pay for Leopard just to get decent Safari compatibility...
The problem with Firefox is that it's not a real Mac app. It doesn't integrate with the OS features that contribute to the Macs ease of use. I use Services extensively when I am browsing, and I also need access to my Keychains for auto-fill as well as needing spell-check. Sure you can replicate some of those features with FF extensions, but they still don't integrate with the OS. Even Camino doesn't have spell-checking and it's Keychain support is based on an older...
New Posts  All Forums: