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As far as I'm concerned, if a site doesn't work on Safari, then it doesn't work on the Mac... Safari is the default browser out of the box. My mom isn't going to be able to switch browsers just to access a specific site...
What is it about Safari that so many sites don't work right...?? Gmail on Safari can't do styled text or chat. Google Spreadsheet doesn't fully work on Safari. Google Notebook is crippled on Safari. Writely does not work at all with Safari (even though the FAQ says it is supported) Sounds more like Macs don't support Google, rather than Google not supporting Macs...
I predict problems with Flash playback on PPC systems. Here is why. According to Apple, 10.4.8 includes Flash Plugin However, is for Intel, while the current version for PPC is
There is a discrepancy between the 12 Inch iBook G4 battery serial number ranges given by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and the ones given by Apple... CPSC lists a range of 6C510 through 6C626 Apple lists a range of 6C519 through 6C552
I just saw on MSNBC tv that Apple is recalling batteries from the iBook G4. Is that a new recall or is it the same as the https://depot.info.apple.com/batteryexchange/index.html issue pertaining to LG batteries?
This site claims to be developing an OS X version!http://www.zsculpt.com/website/games/darkcastle3/
1986 or 87 we got a MacPlus with Imagewriter II. Then a MacSE a few years later. Followed by a Performa 638CDV. A G3 266 Desktop in 1997 or 98. Currently using a Titanium PB 1Ghz which I bought in August 2003, right before they were replaced by the Aluminum PBs. After 20 years of exclusive Mac use I am seriously thinking about switching to Windows... I am tired of constantly running into web sites/online services that don't work on OS X.
Thanks for the info!
Hey, Anyone know if the MS Office 2004 Student/Teacher Edition allows for more than one installation?
I called the local Apple Store a few days ago and they didn't know anything about any update to the retail DVDs. I guess I'll just go ahead and get 10.4 and then use the combo updater...
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