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because spell check has already been uncovered http://goo.gl/fb/r5PZ
Some of these patent apps seem pretty boring. Let's see: A universal dock for iPods and iPhones A label patent that voids warranties Apple doesn't patent anything cool
http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...ns_report.html Wonder why Bizweek got the hammer and earlier report is very similar gets AI approval?
I notice you guys are picking up more and more 9to5mac stories (without linking of course) any reason for that?
Thanks for that, but is there a simpler way? This is all far above my head.
Anyone know how to write them? I want to sync my Samsung A707 Sync phone and so far am only able to move stuff using Bluetooth. Anyone know what the next step is?
What the Platypus is not extinct at all, did you mean Dodo?
I have made a simple Applescript that opens up iTunes and plays music from my main library. I would like to make it so Front Row shows the currently playing song. Any ideas?
Apple, Inc
My MB C2D fan has a tendency to make a whine at certain rpms. Around 2640 it kicks in, sort of a high pitched "singing" or hum that goes away as the fan either spins up or slows down. Sounds like it is oscillating with something. The next threshold is around 3100 RPM and the last that Ive noticed - and worst in terms of loudness - is at 3678-3680. It really hums here. The C2D MB is pretty silent as it is, so the slight whine stands out a lot, even if it is very silent....
New Posts  All Forums: