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So I've been wanting to get a MacBook lately, but I need to sell my current setup to help pay for it. Has anyone ever sold their old hardware and had any success? I'm not sure I want to use eBay, but what about ads in the local paper? Especially around Christmas time. Or maybe a local computer store would give me something for it? I have a Mac Mini, the first generation one that cost $499 a year or so ago. I also have a 20" Cinema Display, which I payed something like...
Inside the quote.
The only Zune feature that makes it better then an iPod is the built in FM radio function. Everything else is just a joke... Wi-Fi that doesn't do anything but share songs with other Zune's and only for three plays. Not to mention that restriction is put in place on anything, even DRM/copyright free podcasts.
Well, for your statement to be correct there would have to be pent-up demand for the Zune in the first place...
I've got the same model you're looking at and have zero complaints on it. The speed is great. I think you'll be fine. That said, I also think you should wait to do your research closer to when you want to purchase because you'll never no what options will be added by then. I don't foresee any processor bumps but graphic cards are always a possibility.
You can cross-grade, I've done it recently. You call Adobe directly and it costs about $5 for shipping the Mac formated media. They email you a form to fill out and either scan and email, fax, or mail back saying that you will destroy the Win version upon acceptance of the Mac version. From the phone call to reception of the package (complete Mac full version retail) was about 5 business days. Granted I scanned the form and emailed it as a PDF to shave some time, but...
Well, I don't know if it'd be an individual companies choice. I think the tax law's might be different because they are an online store, based somewhere other then SC. But then again I'm not really up on tax code so who knows.
Right. I'm trying to think back to our annual Tax Free Week's to remember if any online stores that charge tax participated. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think they were included. It stinks, yes. But depending on your tax rate, the deal's at the Apple Store today will negate the tax your paying.
Perhaps because it's the online store. Did you try a local Apple Store in SC?
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