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While I agree that the black iPod's are more popular (at least for the full size iPod model) I have to say I prefer the white. Maybe it's because I have an iMac and they just go so well together, I don't know. I think the white full size iPod's just can't be beat.
But I'm currently running it and it's only utilizing 13% of one of my two core's. Granted it's not in full screen and it's not an HD broadcast, but considering there is over 165% of CPU power to go I'd say it'd be ok. That's the CPU. As for RAM it's utilizing about 95MB of actual memory and has been running for about an hour and a half. I'd check GPU usage for you but I'm not really sure how to do that. All that said, I don't really know how the Hybrid handles it's...
That black, transparent looking interface reminds me of iPhoto's full screen mode.
The Safari plugin, SafariStand does this as well.
My bad, I thought the games were only for the 5.5 revision. I stand corrected.
Yeah, you're right. The other difference is the ability to play the iPod Games.
What would I do? Well, just this week I sold a 4th gen iPod on eBay and bought a 5.5th gen. Granted, mine was in full working order but that is still what I would suggest. A few weeks back my brother sold a completely defective 3rd gen on eBay for over $60. Someone out there has a desire to own a semi-working iPod and is willing to pay for it.
I was in one of my two local Apple Stores two days ago and they had plenty of Shuffles in stock. According to the clerk I talked to the real story is the (RED) iPods. He said they can't keep them on the shelves. In fact, he had to go open a new shipment in the back when I asked him for one.
What is the easiest way to add lyrics to my iTunes library? I have the Sing that Tune! widget and the Get Lyrics iTunes script from Doug's Scripts, but neither is 100% or particularly quick. Is there a plugin or standalone app that tackles this beast in an efficient manner?
Back up US, no change that I can see. Probably just down for maintenance which is why these posts aren't allowed.
New Posts  All Forums: