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Ok, you get what you pay for. But what have you all paid for that you recommend? Thanks.
I'm looking for the best FM modulator for the 5th and 5.5G iPods. My brother has the Belkin TuneBase which he likes, but it's kind of pricey and only comes in black. So I'm looking for suggestions. For my old 4G I had the first model iTrip and it was alright, the reception wasn't great so the sound quality wasn't either. Thanks for any suggestions you have.
In the States each carrier basically has a different network. Some can handle bandwidth better then others, etc. The unlocked SIM phone is the best option for global sales, and why I think it makes the most sense. An MVNO would probably make more sense here in America, but would also probably fail.
I think the iPhone will either be MVNO or a straight SIM "unlocked" cell (which I think is more likely). That way they can sell it in their Apple Stores and you can run it on any carrier. Some carriers will be better then others, but it makes the most sense. Look at how successful the BlackBerry is, and it's offered by all the major carriers.
Yeah, it works the same here in the States. My only hunch that they would be more or less the same thing is all the rumors about the touch-less/screen iPod. I think, while it works for an iPod, it makes more sense for a PDA/BlackBerry/iPhone type device. So, with this report that Foxconn is making the iPhone, I think there will be more similarities between the iPhone and iPod 6G there there will be differences (as far as aesthetics goes). A MWSF launch would be nice. ...
Right, but even if it is a separate product do you think the release will coincide with the 6G iPod release?
Anyone think the preverbal iPhone will coincide with the 6G iPod release or do you think the iPhone will be the 6G iPhone?
Yeah, the A/V input was spotty the time I tested with my PS2 but as for the cable tuner, I've never had a problem with the quality. The program is pretty strong too, it's just that there are a TON of keyboard shortcuts to try and memorize. One thing I do like about the app is the way it displays information from TitanTV, as I hate the layout of their site. The app handles all that quite nicely.
Get the EyeTV Hybrid. It's $149 from the Elgato store and you can plug in digital cable or analog cable. The picture quality is pretty decent, even blown up to full screen on the 24" iMac. You can even control it using the Apple Remote in full screen mode.
This is a pretty interesting idea, and it actually makes sense in more way then one. The only thing that would make it make more sense is if the .Mac service was included with a phone purchase/monthly plan (it would almost have to be an Apple run cell plan rather then through a carrier). We'll see what happens.
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