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Isnt vista basically finished now anyway, i know the consumer version wont be out until the end of Jan 07 but i think they have enough problems as it is without trying to add more stuff to it. A dozen or so bugs, that isnt that many especially when compared to Vista at the same stage of development. They could easily get this finished by years out.
I've got a PNY Attache that cost about $40. It's very small, flips out so there is no cap. I like it.
No, they don't have to be Universal to use them thanks to Rosetta. Depending on how much ram you got and the program, it might run a little slower if it's not a Universal app, but it will still run.
Ctrl+Click the Safari icon on the dock and see if "Start at Login" is checked.
Teaching my father to run Parallels or CrossOver when he wants to use Outlook would be more then difficult. I'll give him the information and see what he does.
That's what I was looking for. I didn't how how well they worked together. Thanks BRussell.
What is the difference between Outlook and Entourage for Mac? Does it still interface with the contacts and calendar like Outlook for Win does? My dad is looking to get a new laptop and the only program he heavily uses is Outlook, with automated meeting requests from his office and the like. Any help you can give me would be great as I've never used Entourage.
I use it for some minor gaming on my iMac and have had but one problem and that was after instillation of XP, MS lost the drivers for my BT keyboard and mouse. Other then that it's as stable as a regular OS.
Posted before they're on the Apple site... wow.
The ratings on it are something NBC isn't used to and the show is actually really good. Yeah, I like Hiro, especially how he just showed up from the future this past week and had a sword, that was kind of cool.
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