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I found one the other day when trying to track my new iMac, which is kind of ironic in a way. But thanks t my hosemates iMac and parrallels it is all fine.
Interesting. It would require a HD-DVD drive though no?
I agree. Though I will admit that I was surprised when the 5.5G iPod came out a couple of weeks back. I was almost certain that Apple would do something to mark the 5th anniversary of the iPod on the 25th of this month. I guess we'll see.
Hopefully one of those bundles will be a simple Photoshop+Dreamweaver package. I guess I'll start saving now.
As some of you know I recently switched back to Mac for the first time since the Mac Classic days. I have been eyeing the iMac for a very long time and decided to make the switch when the 24" was released. I'm was a pretty knowledgeable PC user, having personally built, upgraded, and maintained my prior two machines as well as roommates, etc. Because of the age of my current system and the specs in it, I knew I was going to have to upgrade within the next year or so...
46 C is pretty normal for most computers. I don't know the typical temp usage of the new C2D chips but would be willing to bet that 46 is in the typical operating range.
According to iStat Pro my iMac has no temp sensors. Are they really there but not turned on somehow? Just curious.
Come again?Interesting article. By these estaminets Apple should sell a lot of iPods this Christmas.
I'm new to OSX and have a question about my computers use of real and virtual memory. I have 2GB of RAM installed and it appears that my virtual memory grows as needed -- it's currently over 11GB. I'm looking at Activity Monitor and see that right now Safari is using 283MB of real and 764MB of virtual memory. Other programs that run all the time (iTunes, Vienna, Adium, Mail) post similar numbers, especially in the Virtual Memory department. Is this a typical situation?...
I can't answer the questions specific to the 20" iMac card, but having just bought a 24" with the upgraded graphics card (7600GT) I can tell you that the two games I've been playing have handled highest end resolution (1920x1200) with the highest quality settings with no problem. Both games (Half Life 2 Episode 1 and Dreamfall) support widescreen LCD displays; Half Life with an actual 16:10 settings (which is that of the 24" screen) and Dreamfall by supporting 1920x1200. ...
New Posts  All Forums: