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Since upgrading to 10.4.8 the other day the screen saver on my iMac has failed to come on. I have changed settings on it, made sure nothing was running that could have interfeared with the screen saver (iTunes, QuickTime, etc) and can't figure it out. When I move the mouse to the screen saver hot corner, it works fine, but it doesn't come up at it's set time. Currently I have the screen set to dim at 5 minutes and the screen saver to come on at 3. The screen dims but...
Someone told me once to make sure you get a good chipset if you go firewire, I have yet to understand what they meant but hopefully someone will explain it before you make your purchase.
I had the same problem, when you go back in make sure you give each thing a passkey in the Bluetooth control panel setup. Even then sometimes you have to turn them off and on right after Window's finishes booting (after you get the display/brightness control) and hope Window's recognizes. After I figured that out I haven't had any problem using the wireless set in Windows -- though it does give more reasons for hoping that more games come to Mac in the future so I don't...
When did the current version of .Mac come out? Does Apple usually upgrade the service or the features with each "generation" of .Mac?
Hopefully this will be accompanied by a general .Mac upgrade. Maybe a price reduction? Or, *gasp*, an ala carte service? I'll return to dreaming now.
Buy now. This upgrade agonizing is embarassing. I just read about a guy who adviced his GF to wait buying a macbook back in june when he heard that the Merom would come out. 3 months. I bet you she lost more fun not having that macbook for 3 months than any minor megahurtz bump from Yonah to Merom could justify. Buy now. And stop behaving like a PC geek
I went with the 1.83 model and a 80 gig hd upgrade. Will arrive 10/11. Sure hope the DDR2 prices have dropped some before then!
Yeah, that's true. BUT, if it falls into one of the Blackberry/Palm data plans then you could get unlimited data IF you were willing to pay for it. I wouldn't be, but I know some people would be. Sometimes I don't like Cingular.
Good suggestion!
I think the TS report is interesting, though probably not exactly accurate. The TS report claims 25 million units sold, but this isn't even remotely possible if any type of exclusive deal is reached -- even if there is an exclusive deal reached in each of US, Europe and Asia. I'm also not sold on the 2 inch screen... For a long time now I've believed (with no proof other then my imagination) that all the iPhone and touch-screen iPod rumors were actually one in the same...
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