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I have seen the thread about 1.83 ghz vs 2.0 ghz. I am inclined to buy the small version and add more ram to it. But have anyone tried both next to each other for more than just tippy typing and browsing the web? There are obvious advantages to more megahurtz when you do heavy duty stuff like encoding, rendering and working with stuff like Photoshop. I am not doing a lot of that however. I just wonder if there is a perceptible day to day difference in performance...
Well, I don't need generic brand advice. I need some actual reports on whether you can still fry your macbook upgrading ram. Are the sockets still tight for anything but made-to-fit memory modules? Which brands and types DO work, not just MIGHT work. It seems that maccles are sensitive on memory \
Them being who? Kingston, Adata, Gskill?
Tales of woe and broken macbooks I searched the forums. And people tell horrible stories about macbook ram upgrades going awful. What is the status right now? I ordered the little MB yesterday and await its arrival on october 11th with bated breath. I did of course ignore the 2 gb ram upgrade that Apple offered for the low sum of 669$ (Vat included at least). I figured a few sticks of G.skill or AData would do it. But then I read these tales of despair and broken...
Why wait for 64-bit? Do any of you even know what you will use it for? When to buy macbook, mate? Whenever. 64-bit is for all it mattesr, merely a question of a larger memory space. You can address more memory, so for high end computers this means a lot since you can double quadruple your memory pool, mac pros have 16 gig limit I think. But for the average use, even the in-the-know user, 64-bit is going to make ZERO difference to your daily use. It is all the other little...
I don't have a clue what all this means...
For the most part you can just drag it to the trash. Sometimes a program will have a pref folder in your library which you can also get rid of. All AppZapper does is find the other connected files/folders (if any) and "zaps" them as well. I use it for the sole fact that I'm too lazy to use spotlight to find the other files/folders (again, if any)
A few comments on some suggestions: Dark City and eXistenz are decent -- make you think? Not so much. Old Boy is fantastic, but it's a Korean film, not Japanese. This is something that would probably sit up there with Donnie Darko, Mulholland and Memento. Here's another for the growing list: Abre los Ojos/Vanilla Sky. Their basically the same movie, Abre los Ojos came first though and then Cameron Crowe made it better.
How do you manually encrypt a file? Is it by creating an encrypted disk image using the Disk Utility and then putting stuff in there or is there a different way?
Donnie Darko comes to mind.
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