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I'm a recent switcher and I'm curious as to the benefits of File Vault. XP's encrypted files didn't seem to do anything other then cause a problem if your system crash. Is there a benefit to using File Vault or is it more of a peace of mind thing?
I've tried a few of the big Safari plugins but can't seem to find one that works for me, I was hoping someone might be able to recommend one. The big things I'd like to be able to do is handle cache, tabs, and have adblocking. I've used Saft and I like it, except the ad blocking doesn't seem to work. I've added a few rules (*adlog.com*, etc) and they don't take. I've also edited the host file to try and block ads but that just involves too many steps to constantly be...
What is this CD that came with my AppleCare paperwork? Is there anything useful on it?
Seems to do the trick. I guess I just need to pony up and buy a VisualHub license so I can convert more then 2 minutes. Thanks for the help.
Yeah, I've tried drag and drop to no avail. As for the codec, I really couldn't tell you. I've been holding these movie clips on a spare hard drive for a few years (circa 2001) and now that I have a computer that I can edit them with I thought I'd give it a whirl.
Any other suggestions?
I've got a few .mpg's on my system that I'd like to be able to edit though iMovie tells me they are incompatible when I try to import them. Is there a way to somehow convert these guys into a format that iMovie will be happy with? Speaking of, what are formats that iMovie are happy with?
I was actually just running BootCamp on my 24" this morning without any problems. I played Half-Life 2 at highest settings for a few hours with no glitches or anything. I'm pretty sure the problems were only in the previous 1.1 version of BootCamp and have been fixed in 1.1.1.
No, it just means have them look for the FedEx man and when he comes, sign for the package. Also, see if you can call FedEx and just have a delivery comment added to the box to say "If you're not home, knock on the neighbors door."
Have a neighbor sign for and store it... if you trust the neighbor.
New Posts  All Forums: