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Apologies. I managed to get the software installed. What I didn't do was install any available software updates from Apple. I tried to install the software immediately after I installed the OS. There's a particular software update for Apple installers. After that was done, the installation of iLife proceeded fine. Thank you for your help.
    I used that software but I don't happen to see the installer package, just multiple folders for each application. Any idea?
  Hello, Have a 15" MBP that I just recently completely reformatted. The install of Snow Leopard went fine. But I'm having a problem installing the applications from the second application disc. I pop it in, go through the prompts, and after all is said an done, the installation fails. It doesn't even begin to install it really. Like just before it's about to, it stops.  I've tried restarting the MBP to see if that'd do anything...
New Posts  All Forums: