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It's for the Microsoft Expression bundle and Silverlight. Nothing more nothing less...
imac 1.83, 10.4.9, crashing on startup. Maybe some incorrect plugins... Ive
There wil be no replacement. MacOS X will be sold for PC's as you would say. Remember allmost all the products have the word "mac" in it. This will make the difference with other pc's running macosx
I would like to see so things from delirious monster in itunes. - mark the cd's you have given to a friend for some time, and itunes deactivate it in your music collection. (So no double music can be used, music companies like it!) - dvd rip with apple watermark encoding/encription in it. So you can rip your own dvd for apple tv legal. - A good and new visualizer
My guess is a web 2.0 editor like Xcode and Interface builder. For the front side and backside of the web. Ruby and friends.
What a good move! Away with the linux/wintendo icons! It feels a lot snappier on my machine... (intel1.83ghz)
Nice first step Aboby.... But no 64-bit app's : (
Have you ever seen so ugly Mac? This are really guys without style ! No product designer has touched this thing. Sorry to say but is rubbish.
super B toy, that's for sure. But no GPS... Also the look of the phone is not that sexy. It has no apple look, so you can recognize it from 15 feet away.
Gps !!!!
New Posts  All Forums: