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For Australian customers. The previous price of AppleTV was US$99 A$109. With the price cut and readjustment it is now US$69 A$109. What a saving. Unfortunately the Australian economy has priced me out of purchasing any new imported goods for the foreseeable future.
found this while cruising through my junk mail.   Ha. Nice try douchebags.
If 90% of tablets are iPads doesn't that make their price the industry average.
Where doSeriously who do the Chinese public think they are. If anyone has ever dealt with some of their online retailers or wholesales they will understand what it is like trying in vain to get a return or refund on a faulty product.And if anyone is to blame about product quality they should look in their own backyard. The iPhone is predominately made in China.
I just want to see how much it will cost to upgrade to Fusion drive so i can save the right amount for the 27"when (if) it gets released.
Just went to purchase a refurb 27" iMac that i have had my eye on for a while, have been waiting for new line-up to see a price drop but couldn't wait. I know that stock of refurbished models varies but there are no iMac, MacBook AIr/Pro or Mac Mini, Mac Pro, Displays nothing. Zero stock items in the Refurbished Mac Section. As I have frequently looked at the refurb section i know about stock changes but have never before seen it entirely empty. Does this mean perhaps...
The 13" MacBook was cut because it had a suitable replacement also it was the only model manufactured out of polycarbonate not aluminium thereby streamlining manufacturing and reducing costs (increasing profits). Since Jobs' return Apple has cut non-essential products from their lineup. A lot of people would agree that a 17" MBP is an essential product catering to professional and personal needs of many customers. The increased costs in streamlining a 17" MBP may certainly...
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