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If this movie doesn't bomb, I will never again judge a movie before it's released.
"Something has to give." That's right, I cancelled my cable service and use Hulu, Netflix and broadcast channels. Charging $100 a month for 300 channels I do not watch is not a sustainable business model.
2.4GB. This must be a pretty big update compared to the other betas.
Let's give a failed CEO that gave the world an HP iPod, a crack at running the country. Who's with me?
This is probably the first Mac I have to desire to own. The price doesn't justify the hardware.
 You know, you have a severe attitude problem. Your friends must love hanging out with you.
No thanks, I'm not beta testing anything else. I returned my Apple TV and got another one. 5.3 is fine with me.
Too light. Screen is too glossy. Headphone jack is on top instead of the bottom. If it is real, then it's a gutless prop used to make cases.
New Posts  All Forums: