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 There is NOTHING in this keyboard that justifies the $100 price increase over Apple's standard keyboard.
At no point in the story did it mention these terrorists were using an iPhone, so the whole argument is a farce.
You can use the Apple TV remote to play games, but you will likely get easily frustrated. You almost have to have one of these game controllers to play a lot of the games. 
I'm willing to bet that Apple's ARM processors are even more powerful than the benchmarks show because they are in mobile units with no fans and probably under-clocked. Put a couple in an iMac and we would probably see Core i7 performance.
I think this is technology overkill. What's wrong with just pushing it open or are we going to have technology completely take over all physical labor?
The Surface Book can be whatever it wants to be. The question is how many people are going to buy it. The Surface has been out for 3 years and I have never seen a person using one.
Well, was going to pick on up at the Apple store near me but the pencil is back-ordered for 4 weeks and I'm not buying it without the pencil.
That's awesome!
Microsoft doesn't have the attention to detail Apple has.
I doubt any units have left the factory aside from review units. They have the rest of the week to install the Gold Master.
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