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Let's give a failed CEO that gave the world an HP iPod, a crack at running the country. Who's with me?
This is probably the first Mac I have to desire to own. The price doesn't justify the hardware.
 You know, you have a severe attitude problem. Your friends must love hanging out with you.
No thanks, I'm not beta testing anything else. I returned my Apple TV and got another one. 5.3 is fine with me.
Too light. Screen is too glossy. Headphone jack is on top instead of the bottom. If it is real, then it's a gutless prop used to make cases.
We are about to find out if Samsung has the ability to innovate to stay in business. But coming from a their society that makes money off of copying other companies products, I doubt it. I think eventually they will pull out of the US and make their money somewhere else.
Desperation. Samsung is trying to sell as many units as possible before it's banned in December.
I think this is a feature that will go away like iTunes Ping. When my MacBook Pro lid is closed, I want it to do nothing but wake up when I open the lid, not crunching 17 App Store updates.
Nope, the new guy doesn't get it.  And neither does the person that hired him.  It's just one more little thing since Steve died. Sam Walton ran a tight ship just like Steve. When Sam died, the whole company went to hell.  When was the last time an employee greeted you or smiled at Walmart?  
New Posts  All Forums: