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You're no fun.  Think of it as entry level training to be a financial analyst.  
 I'm sure I'm not the only one who has taken one of the old rainbow decals and cut it to fit over the MacBook logo. In answer to your question, I miss the old logo too but I've moved on just as Apple has.
Gee, wouldn't this be a great opportunity for a real smart company, with a well-functioning alternate smart phone OS but small market share, to offer manufacturers such an OS at a very much reduced cost? But where would one find such a company?   Hint: not in Washington state. 
You are right. Steve's vision was to make insanely great products, and that is what I meant. But I don't remember him wanting to be the uber-dominating tech company like Bill Gates' Windows everywhere and in everything philosophy. "Stay hungry, stay foolish."- isn't that what underdogs do? Isn't that the point of the "1984" commercial? /Philosopher mode off
Be careful what you wish for. I prefer Apple stays the underdog. It keeps them true to SJ's vision.
The way I see it, the reason for all the confusion over the "iWatch" is because the sources of the rumors continue to believe there is only one type of iWatch. How the heck can anyone get any decent battery life in a decent size and shape if they stuff one thing with all possible sensors and functions? OK, maybe someday but I don't see the technology being there now.   I am still holding to my belief that Apple will introduce three types of "iWatch" (but won't use that...
Hmmm...I just have to wonder what relationship there is or will be between Schiller and Iovine.
I still cannot believe that there will be a single "iWatch". As I go over all the stuff I've read, I can count at least three possible models: 1) a fitness model, 2) a health monitor (maybe even two, specialized for cardiac problems and for diabetes), and 3) a luxury model (think real Swiss movement with a subtle notification function - maybe not a watch per se but a technology to be licensed).   Plus, even though they got the trademark, I can't believe Apple would...
You forgot 5. It's an iPad nano.  
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