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Exactly why is the opinion of one analyst, this particular analyst, worthy of an AI article…other than it is positive toward Apple?
Ok, I'm too lazy to go thru all 190+ comments so this is my 2¢ worth on the article…   It's easy to say BestBuy and Walmart are conspiring against Apple. Maybe they are. I don't think so. Face it, Apple Pay sounds good but is unproven. It could be great or it could be like 8.0.1. No one knows. Big companies face bigger risks. They're going to be cautious. That's normal; that's good business.   In a way I'm in the same situation. I'm debating on what I'll choose to...
I don't think Apple's recruitment team is planning to force anyone to come to work at Apple.                        
Here's a thought. Why don't we all hold our judgements until the "open letter" comes out?
One could make the case that the fiasco with Windows 8 had a negative effect on PC sales. If so, then it will be interesting to see whether sales will recover if Windows 10 is successful. Going another step further, if Windows 10 is not successful, will the "traditional" PC makers start going out of business, or will there be an effort to develop an alternate OS to Windows and MacOS, probably based on Linux?   Food for thought…
Hogwash! First of all, I was there too and there were no Mac-related viruses/trojans in the early 1980's. The Mac wasn't even introduced until January 1984 and it wasn't exactly a hot seller right out of the gate. By early 1990's there were about 40 or so Mac viruses/trojans, not counting the Word/Excel Macro "viruses" that were cross-platform (though most of those appeared in mid to late 1990's). In the Window camp, the malware numbers were over 10 times as many.  OK, I...
Y'all need to go over to Wikipedia and read their article on FairPlay (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FairPlay#Harmony), Apple's original DRM system for iTunes. Lots of interesting things. For example: FairPlay did allow users to burn DRM'd songs to an audio CD which, in turn, could be ripped to create a DRM-free MP3 version. (I forgot about that.)  A similar complaint against Apple was made in France in 2004 but was thrown out because…                    "1. Playing...
There will come a time when the same technology that allowed Andy Serkis to do roles like Gollum and the ape, Caesar, will be applied to reproducing real people. Done right, actors won't be chosen because of their looks, but by how well they perform the part. CGI will take care of the rest, and a lot of talented make-up people will be looking for other work.
  Actually, I'm happy to see Verizon's back-peddling. But this was just a small skirmish and not the war. Consumers need to keep pressure on all the telecoms to adopt reasonable policies and prices. People need to turn out in force whenever these issues come up, just like they did at the FCC for the issue of net neutrality.
Coincidentally on Florian Mueller's FOSS PATENTS blog* (http://www.fosspatents.com), his latest post (1 Oct), Analysis of 222 smartphone patent assertions: more than 90% go nowhere, rest lacks impact, seems timely.   * Note: I know many people consider Mr. Mueller as biased against Apple and I will not argue that. I just feel this post is appropriate to this report.
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