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  Actually, I'm happy to see Verizon's back-peddling. But this was just a small skirmish and not the war. Consumers need to keep pressure on all the telecoms to adopt reasonable policies and prices. People need to turn out in force whenever these issues come up, just like they did at the FCC for the issue of net neutrality.
Coincidentally on Florian Mueller's FOSS PATENTS blog* (http://www.fosspatents.com), his latest post (1 Oct), Analysis of 222 smartphone patent assertions: more than 90% go nowhere, rest lacks impact, seems timely.   * Note: I know many people consider Mr. Mueller as biased against Apple and I will not argue that. I just feel this post is appropriate to this report.
I believe the proper name for the new system is Microsoft Windows 10.0 for Microsoft Surface (except RT), Personal Computers and Mobile Devices for the Home, School, Gaming, Software Developers, Small Business, and Enterprise…   …or MW10-MSPCMD-HSGSDSBE for short.       /s        <- is this really necessary?
I'm of the mind that Apple should just keep the "OSX" moniker, redefining the "X" as a reference to the system's Unix roots.
Believe it or not I've got 8.0.2 going on my old 4s. Working pretty well, too, without having to turn off any animations or such. Took me a good long time to get everything set the way I wanted. Even installed SwiftKey. A bit slow to get going. Otherwise ok once I get typing but I'm not overly impressed.
In light of the lower risk to normal Mac users, I'm guessing Apple is concentrating on fixing their own servers first. If it's that easy to patch, why all the panic? Well, I agree with you that Apple should have just let people download the album if they wanted to instead of pushing it out willy-nilly. To my surprise I actually liked the album when I played it.
Generally speaking, the Timberlake/Fallon ads don't impress me much. The ad titled "Huge" plays right into the hands of those who criticize Apple for adopting features already available on competitor products, then acting like they (Apple) just discovered it.
Not if Apple gets into the fresh produce market. Anyone for Applebeets? 
Agreed but why not call it Apple Beats? I think that sounds better than iTunes Radio. Radio is kinda…well…old tech.  
Don't be too sure. Look how long Apple stuck with Firewire; and SCSI before that. But honestly, I think going with USB would be the smarter thing to do.
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