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Apple - Apple TV   Google - Google TV, Nexus Q, Chromecast, Android TV   More clear proof that Apple can't innovate     /s 
If by "former Eastern Bloc" you mean the former Communist countries aligned with the USSR prior to 1989, then I'm afraid your article is very much incorrect. I believe Apple's first retail presence in the former Eastern Bloc is their Apple store in Dresden, Germany, previously part of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik or DDR. While other Apple stores opened earlier in Germany, they were all in West Germany or Bundesrepublik Deutschland (BRD). Both...
You were saying…http://gigaom.com/2014/03/27/new-samsung-connected-led-bulbs-can-brighten-your-smart-home/
No, no, no! Microsoft should drop hardware and concentrate on enterprise software like this Enterprise Mobility Suite; software that comes in versions for all major operating systems. The old Microsoft was doomed to failure when they embarked on that stupid quest to have Windows be everywhere and do everything*. Satya Nadella is doing the right thing - not Windows One Drive but Microsoft One Drive, not Windows Office but Microsoft Office for Windows, for Mac, for Linux,...
Maybe a watch. Maybe a ring or some sort of wearable pin or jewelry. Who knows? Remember that the flip-open Communicator of Star Trek (TOS) was the inspiration for the original cell phone and later flip-phones. Maybe the Communications pin of Star Trek (NG) will inspire something that clips to a lapel or dress strap. Who knows what genius lurks in the hearts of Apple engineers.* *a tip of the hat to Frank Readick Jr., the voice of the Shadow who first spoke the famous...
What!? Is there no one here to claim that there must have been a Japanese-American judge presiding? I'm shocked! 
HOT DAMN! You've discovered the villain for the next Batman movie!!!! 
Angela Ahrendts has a lot more know-how than to just run Apple's retail and online stores. I understand that she has a sense of fashion and knowledge of the fashion business that, I think, could be valuable in other product areas. Seems to me that Kupbens could end up running the day-to-day retail business while Ahrendts is off advising on higher level things.IMHO, Apple couldn't give Edwards meaningful enough work to keep her interested in staying so she's moving on.
My take…Luxottica gets bunch of money from Google; Google gets some frames with fancy names like Ray-Ban, Oakley, etc. Google then discovers that the people buying the new frames are people who would buy Glass anyway but are now willing to pay more for a premium name; and the premium price for premium names is only further discouraging people would would not buy Glass in the first place.
Sign of the times: every firm large enough for its own legal staff will have at least one privacy specialist in the near future if they don't already have one.
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