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I am impressed with both the article and with Apple's work in this field.
I'm beginning to wonder if Apple management isn't getting a bit sloppy. Not in the products but in marketing them. The fiasco with the live stream could almost be excused; at least Apple presentations don't use silly skits that end up offending half the population of the US. But Cook & Co. must have realized that Samsung would come out with ads like these, and yet the few Apple ads that have come out so far are really weak. Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon going,...
You can add Amazon and FaceBook to that scenario (as well as two more little buttons). Someone' gonna pay big bucks for Square. Tech Bubble 2.0 is here; bust is around the corner. Oh, I forgot…add Samsung in there, too…jest for the heck of it.
OK, I'm disappointed. It's square, a very elegant square admittedly, but a square. A chubby square. A chubby square with measles. What kind of interface is measles? And a knob. OK, you say it's a dial. A knob, really? At least it doesn't look as massive as the Moto 360. It does seem to me that Apple's watch straps look much, much better than Moto's or Samy's, and especially where the strap meets the watch. And I did kinda, almost, nearly nailed it as there are three kinds....
It's a new commercial. Mr Tim always shows a new commercial or two, just as Steve used to. U2 is in a commercial. No biggie.
Mac owner since 1985 and NOW they have a loyalty program! And of course it's not going to be retroactive. [Sigh]    /S
I'm surprised how many people don't realize that deleting a photo from their iPhone doesn't also delete the copy in Photo Stream. With iTunes Match, when I delete a matched song from my library, I get a dialog asking me if I want to delete the copy in the cloud as well. Maybe the same could be applied to Photo Stream. 
Cute but no cigar. Any form of eyewear with any form of HUD would be rightly derided as a knock-off of Google Glass. I am so-o-o-o-o-o-o tired of all the contradicting rumors and wild guesses about the looks and features of the iPhone(s), iWatch(es) and iWhatever.Gawd I can't wait for this to be over.  
Quote: Originally Posted by SolipsismX  It's been a year and I haven't heard about anyone being able to break into the secure enclave. True, but won't the new enclave have a lot more information, mainly credit cards, maybe bank info?   Even if they were able to do by having the device, it's certainly much safer than having a wallet where your full name, expiration date, CCV number and full CC number is printed directly on the card. Absolutely!   In that time...
Seems to me that if this info on a secure enclave is true, then Apple has just painted a big bull's-eye on the iPhone 6. Hackers will go after it even if just for bragging rights. Still, Apple does pretty well in the security area and I dare say any hack will probably require physical access to the phone.
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