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Very clever. So when Samsung decides to start using sapphire on their devices, they'll need to get a license from Apple to mount it in the same clean and secure manner. Gold iPhone with sapphire display - that's what I call geek bling!
Like my mother used to say, the problem with building anything foolproof is that the Almighty keeps making better fools.
Same here, just one time. An Apple Genius once told me to go through my phone every now and then and manually close apps I'm not using. Ironically that was when I had a problem with iOS 6. Maybe that's why 7's been working fine for me. No problems with mine (knock on wood  )
I like the ads. They are positive and tasteful. But what really makes them stand out is looking at the ads from the other guys - especially Microsoft's Surface and Samsung's. No reality there, just cheap actors pretending to be "typical" business people or families.
Wait! What? MS is going to put this on iOS in fall 2014!?! And both are going to use Bing…hmmm. Can't wait to ask each the same question and get different search results. 
Just looked for the thing on Amazon. Four ratings: 1 x 3⭐️, 1 x 2⭐️, 2 x 1⭐️, avg 1.8. Not good. First review was particularly disturbing. His Galileo bricked right after a firmware upgrade and Motrr has not answered any of the guy's emails for help. I like the concept but I wouldn't touch the thing until there are much, much better reviews.
Another mushroom cloud in SJ's thermonuclear war.
Can you imagine if this were Microsoft? They'd call it something like the Microsoft Windows Television Entertainment Experience Center for Home, Office, and Mobile. 
I can't wait to hear Google Android exec Eric Schmidt's confident statement that by the summer of 2012 2014, the majority of the televisions you see in stores will have Google Android TV embedded.
FWIW, no problems with my 4S and IOS7. I will admit that when I first installed it I thought my battery life was degraded, but then I found the settings for the background processes, turned a bunch off that I didn't need, and after a couple of days of use everything was back to normal. Nor does IOS7 make me dizzy or sick. I quite enjoy the new look.
New Posts  All Forums: