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FWIW, no problems with my 4S and IOS7. I will admit that when I first installed it I thought my battery life was degraded, but then I found the settings for the background processes, turned a bunch off that I didn't need, and after a couple of days of use everything was back to normal. Nor does IOS7 make me dizzy or sick. I quite enjoy the new look.
Someone should take the old iMac ad ("She Comes in Colors") then have the iMacs morph into iPhone 5c's.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcBpXYI1r3Q
 The first time I tried this I got through but subsequent attempts all failed. In fact, on my last couple of tries I couldn't even get to the multitasking tray. I doubt that IOS7 can learn to "heal" itself...or can it? 😨
I don't know if anyone else has experienced this but as I tried to update my apps, a couple of updates downloaded okay but the installation process seemed to get stuck and would't complete after many minutes. I finally had to force quit iTunes, then I deleted the misbehaving apps (notably Amazon Mobile, Flipboard, and How to Cook Everything) and redownload the app from the iTunes Store, which I assume were already updated. BTW at this point I am still on IOS6.1.3.
I'm reckoning that before my comment gets posted someone will post a Photoshop image of the new MacPro with a pair of spherical speakers. Didn't JBL make something like that?And regarding the previous image of the two "extended" MacPros, that is exactly what I expect to see from Samsung who will work feverishly to get their version to market first so they can claim that Apple copied them.
 Ku'damm is slang; the proper name is Kurfürstendamm (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurfürstendamm). Think New York's 5th Avenue or Los Angeles's Rodeo Drive.   About bloody time. Imagine if Apple had opened stores in Newark and Philadelphia before New York! 
My understanding is that both are equally secure. LastPass encrypts/decrypts the data on the device with keys unique to that device that stay on the device. Data on the server cannot be accessed even by the operators of LastPass because they have no access to the keys. I will admit that the 1Password interface is much, much nicer.   Probably because IPs can be spoofed easily enough.
Now that you mention it, I liked my old 3GS. Never mind that the camera was lousy and with the newer iOS apps started slow, I thought it was a nice size and weight (at least for me). Give it a longer lasting battery and faster CPU with more RAM (and a bit better camera, maybe) and I think that it would be an attractive package. In fact, as I write about it, I think I would buy one just for a spare.
Ya know, even Ferrari has a lower priced model. It's called the California (hmm...) and I understand you can get it for less than $200,000.00. A real bargain. I don't think it has a retina display either. 
Has anyone kept a scorecard as to how many anal-ists and pundits have declared their belief in the "small, cheap iPhone"?    While I'm sure Apple didn't start this rumor, I wouldn't be surprised if they were using it to check for information leaks at the HQ.
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