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 My sensible side says you're right. My whimsical side says iPhone and iPad Nano 
 Darn that auto correlation!
 Almost exactly what I was thinking though I feel pretty confident that Apple will put in an A7 chip or modified version of one. 64-bit in any case. Support for 4K screens is also a sure thing (IMHO). As for screens, I remain very skeptical about anything other than an Apple 4K Thunderbolt display kicked up to 30-32 inches. Apple is not going to make their own TV's. The Apple TV is Apple's TV.
Of course! What with all this talk of a "Health Book", I'm sure he'll be wanting to see the hardcover copy right away.
 I agree. I still believe there may be two types of iWatch up Apple's sleeve.
 The bogus zero-sum argument is so tiring.  So what if Google does or doesn't have a greater market cap than Apple. Is Apple going to go out of business because Google's valuation is greater? Will Google go bankrupt if it doesn't exceed Apple? Really?    Good strategy. Just like Google got smart by building its own smartphones. Oh wait…
In the hope that "better-late-than-never" still applies, I am shocked to learn the news so late and saddened by the loss of jragosta. Rest in Peace.
 I don't think so. First, she did't buy the argument. Second, I think she did everyone a favor by cautioning the attorneys before someone does say something…mmm…stupid. In the heat-of-battle kind of thing if you know what I mean.
 Think iPod compared to the music players that preceded it. Think iPhone to the "smart" phones that preceded it. Think iPad to the tablets that preceded it. I think there is a very good chance you'll get your wish.
 Yeah, me - "I'm open to the possibility that an Apple "smart" wristwatch and a "health" sensor/monitor might be two distinct devices."* Nice to know I'm not alone. * Rumor: Apple's next-gen iOS 8 to include 'Healthbook' app for comprehensive health monitoring
New Posts  All Forums: