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I believe Leo Laporte of TWiT fame recently made the observation that reduced shipping times for the iMac will be interpreted by our friends, the Wall Street anal-ists, as proof of dropping demand for Apple products.
IF, IF, IF...this comes to pass, I think I nailed it last week.     Thread - Apple likely to debut $199 iPhone as low-cost smartphone market hits $135B in 2013 (February 20, 2013)
  Of course there is no mention of an iWatch…yet! Methinks Apple is not quite ready to tip its hand on what a possible iWatch (or maybe something else?) can do.   I also had another thought, could this be used to bypass carrier restrictions on tethering an "accessory" (e.g. a MacBook or wi-fi only iPad) to an iPhone?
Ask and you shall receive: http://www.nbcnews.com/technology/gadgetbox/hp-launches-slate-7-android-tablet-beats-audio-169-1C8516739
  I predict that if this is successful, WebOS will then be used to power LG's next-generation of toaster-refrigerator combo devices for enterprise break rooms.
If the world average for low end phones is over $200 as shown in the article's chart, there is no way that Apple would price ANY iPhone at $200 or less. That is just not in Apple's corporate culture. Just for arguments sake, if Apple were to make a low end phone (and I sincerely doubt it) I couldn't see it being priced at anything less than $250; its sales would be pretty much limited to China, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Indian sub-continent; and Apple might use some...
Just want to state my view on two points:   1) As long as Bill Gates is alive and on the board, Ballmer will stay CEO. The Microsoft board of directors is made up of two types of people: Microsoft stalwarts and former execs who are simply padding their already generous retirement checks. Nobody there is going to make any waves. Never.   2) Microsoft started out as a software company. As Windows became the world's dominant OS and no viable competitor was in sight,...
After reading all the preceding comments, I am crushed that no one noted the irony of the Boulder Apple store being broken into using rocks. Think the thieves were stoned at the time?
Hmm…You might want to rephrase your analogy. As I understand it, Betamax was the technologically superior product but lost out to VHS because VHS was popularized by the porn industry as the tapes and players were cheaper.
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