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  In the USA particularly, we tend to build up heroes to god-like levels then tear them down at the first sign of just being human. Eventually, we find a new hero and the cycle begins again.   Regarding David Einhorn and Greenlight Capital, this is what results from the shift in economic philosophy that used to reward profitable companies to one that punishes companies for not making enough profit (aka "Greed is good"). 
  In the meantime, not forgetting your iPhone at the bar is an effective preventive measure.
  You are correct -- a software company would jump at the chance to put an app suite like Office on the iPad, but Microsoft is now a hardware company. Did you not get Stevie B's memo?     With the increasing number of Fortune 500 companies trying or buying iPads, there is a huge potential for selling Office for iOS to the enterprise.
If Samsung introduces Tizen at next year's CES, I'm sure it will receive the same thunderous welcome WebOS got. 
Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Apple stole the iPhone from Star Trek; they stole the iPad from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Get your fabrications straight.    
This is one of those situations where I truly wish that Steve Jobs was still alive and I was the fly on the wall in the room where SJ and Einhorn are alone together.
While Mr. Bott's comparison of the Surface Pro to the MacBook Air is fair of itself, it is spurious if it is an attempt to defuse the controversy about usable disk space on the 64GB Surface model. Obviously the bigger the storage space, the less important is the amount of space used by the system. No brainer. But Mr. Bott wants to treat the Surface Pro as a full featured laptop that should be compared only to another full featured laptop, both with the same storage...
To all those debating about whether to count "true PC's", tablets, pads, smartphones, and internet connected combo toaster/refrigerators, remember that it was Microsoft that threw the gauntlet down in the first place with it's "Windows Everywhere" philosophy, most recently preached at CES 2011.                             "Whatever device you use, now or in the future, Windows will be there...You’ll be able to use Windows anywhere you go, from the small screen...
Just to clarify a bit more: In US/UK, it would be 10,000.00; in continental Europe, 10.000,00. BTW, at the current exchange rate that €10.000,00 is equal to $13,527.65 (as of my posting anyway)
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