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Believe it or not, while Germany has several Apple Stores, not even one is in the capital, Berlin. Apple was supposed to open one and a building has been identified but nothing has been happening for many, many months.
iPad..................9.7" iPad Mini...........7.9" iPad Nano.........4.8"
  I'm surprised that hasn't happened already after his "appearance" at the Qualcomm CES keynote. Check out his entrance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEOoi4IWAek
Gee, Mr. Sculley, what a great idea! Apple could do what you had it do before: build a cheap, plastic model in different versions for different emerging markets with designations like 475 for South America, 578 for Africa, 6100 for Asia, etc. And of course there would have to be a new name to differentiate it from the high end iPhone. How about Performa Phone ! Nothing like using one of your ideas with a proven track record, eh ¿          
BTW regarding that TB drive at http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Buffalo/HDPA1.0TU3/, is looking kinda flaky.   Two reviews on OWC: one 5-star rating and recommended; one 3-star and not recommended. It's even cheaper on Amazon but of 59 reviews 13 (20%) are 1 & 2 stars.
A couple of months ago I bought a nearly identical drive enclosure on Amazon from a company called Oyen Digital for $69.95. Mine came with two FW800 ports, a USB 3.0 port, and a 5V external power supply rather than 12V as pictured above. Of course the power supply isn't needed with FW. Solidly built, all metal. Aluminum I think. 
  I'm sure Samsung sees this as proof of the effectiveness of their commercials mocking those who wait in line for new Apple products. Yeah, right.
"On the topic of FireWire, the DS1 curiously lacks support the legacy high-speed standard, a choice which could be a deal breaker for some. Many pro users, especially those in the audio/visual industry, still have equipment that outputs through FireWire. Matrox says that market studies indicate that most MacBook Pro and Air users don't own FireWire equipment, so the company opted for USB 3.0 instead."   Who the heck did Matrox survey!!! Only people who bought MBP &...
I agree and that makes me a bit concerned. I think Apple needs to respond to Samsung soon or risk taking a real hit on buyers' perception just like Apple did to Microsoft. Microsoft also took the high road and tried to ignore the Apple ads. By the time they did respond, the damage was done…and whatever Apple does better be really good, really catchy.
  Good report! Just in time for the release of Google Maps in the iTunes Store. 
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