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Has anyone kept a scorecard as to how many anal-ists and pundits have declared their belief in the "small, cheap iPhone"?    While I'm sure Apple didn't start this rumor, I wouldn't be surprised if they were using it to check for information leaks at the HQ.
Well, at least let's give Samsung some credit...it's not round. 
I believe Leo Laporte of TWiT fame recently made the observation that reduced shipping times for the iMac will be interpreted by our friends, the Wall Street anal-ists, as proof of dropping demand for Apple products.
IF, IF, IF...this comes to pass, I think I nailed it last week.     Thread - Apple likely to debut $199 iPhone as low-cost smartphone market hits $135B in 2013 (February 20, 2013)
  Of course there is no mention of an iWatch…yet! Methinks Apple is not quite ready to tip its hand on what a possible iWatch (or maybe something else?) can do.   I also had another thought, could this be used to bypass carrier restrictions on tethering an "accessory" (e.g. a MacBook or wi-fi only iPad) to an iPhone?
Ask and you shall receive: http://www.nbcnews.com/technology/gadgetbox/hp-launches-slate-7-android-tablet-beats-audio-169-1C8516739
  I predict that if this is successful, WebOS will then be used to power LG's next-generation of toaster-refrigerator combo devices for enterprise break rooms.
If the world average for low end phones is over $200 as shown in the article's chart, there is no way that Apple would price ANY iPhone at $200 or less. That is just not in Apple's corporate culture. Just for arguments sake, if Apple were to make a low end phone (and I sincerely doubt it) I couldn't see it being priced at anything less than $250; its sales would be pretty much limited to China, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Indian sub-continent; and Apple might use some...
Just want to state my view on two points:   1) As long as Bill Gates is alive and on the board, Ballmer will stay CEO. The Microsoft board of directors is made up of two types of people: Microsoft stalwarts and former execs who are simply padding their already generous retirement checks. Nobody there is going to make any waves. Never.   2) Microsoft started out as a software company. As Windows became the world's dominant OS and no viable competitor was in sight,...
New Posts  All Forums: