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 From a previous post of mine:/S
          Note: Just so we can avoid the inevitable misreading that too often occurs, an upside-down exclamation point is a symbol for sarcasm. It's a joke. (Things are a bit touchy in the US of A these past few days)
You're tapping it the wrong way.
Cute but I hardly call that "security". I read on Coin's web site that there is a "tap code" (i.e. password) but they don't say how many characters. I'm guessing four numbers - weak but better than nothing I suppose. Their website states they use "128-bit or 256-bit encryption". Why two forms? If you're going to use 256-bit for part why not for all? Just sayin'. I'd prefer to see the real security types vet this thing before I'd consider using it. As convenient as this...
Ya know, I really hope your experience means that Apple will soon provide the same to all those folks with defective early 2011 MBPs.
Now that Samsung has shown that any company with enough money and a good team of lawyers can steal, copy, and violate any patent it wants and get away with it, I guess we can expect to see Xiaomi do the same and enter the US market with guns a'blazing.
Sorry TS. That train left the station a while ago. Time for us to move along.
 I have a late-2011 high-end MacBook Pro which I use daily for hours on end. I have had no problems with it. I don't have AppleCare either. Unless you can show that you are an electrical/electronics engineer well experienced in the design and construction of modern computers or are otherwise qualified, you'd be well advised to avoid making such wildly inaccurate generalizations. There are denizens of this forum who will show you the errors of your ways in very direct and...
This year the iPhone… 4 will be dropped entirely. 4S (3.5") with 4GB storage replaces the 4 as the "developing markets" phone. 5C (4.0") will continue with Touch ID and two new patterned backsides - flowers and blue with white polka dots. 5S (4.0") will continue with minor updates. 6 (4.7") as rumored. 6L (5.5") as rumored.   Next year the iPhone… 6S (4.0") will have  performance and feature upgrades in the same style as the original 6 and replace both the 4...
Ah-ha, do you mean the one that will fit in the upcoming iTime watchband so you can wear it on your wrist?
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