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Quote: Originally Posted by SolipsismX  It's been a year and I haven't heard about anyone being able to break into the secure enclave. True, but won't the new enclave have a lot more information, mainly credit cards, maybe bank info?   Even if they were able to do by having the device, it's certainly much safer than having a wallet where your full name, expiration date, CCV number and full CC number is printed directly on the card. Absolutely!   In that time...
Seems to me that if this info on a secure enclave is true, then Apple has just painted a big bull's-eye on the iPhone 6. Hackers will go after it even if just for bragging rights. Still, Apple does pretty well in the security area and I dare say any hack will probably require physical access to the phone.
 You mean he isn't homosexual any more? Must be that Lone Star beer.  (Oh, am I gonna get ripped for that ;-)
Why is it that so many people think that Apple is going to produce a single, wrist-wearble device?  As I've said many times before, I believe that the "iWatch" will be in many versions (e.g. a sports band, a medical health monitor, a luxury timepiece, etc.) It is logical for the first device to be a sports/general health monitor as that is the easiest to produce. Unfortunately, I don't expect it to be functionally or visually much different than the current batch of...
Her friend was definitely fried.
Right. Is that how the American judicial system is supposed to work? If you lose, find a way to blackmail the judge. Do everybody a favor…go back to your post and add /S at the end.
I agree. But no one has made a case that there is a great need for a 13" tablet. Oh yes, some people have made the case that they could use a large iPad for this or that. I'm not saying there is absolutely no need at all for a larger device; I'm just saying that none of the ideas presented so far make the case that a 13" iPad will be a success in the marketplace. Don't tell me that the device is good for the Enterprise, show me how. Don't tell me that the device enhances...
Why yer jes spoutin' a bunch of Barabajagal!  ;-)
 From a previous post of mine:/S
          Note: Just so we can avoid the inevitable misreading that too often occurs, an upside-down exclamation point is a symbol for sarcasm. It's a joke. (Things are a bit touchy in the US of A these past few days)
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