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 This is about a memorial to Steve Jobs. Memorials are supposed to look back. They're supposed to tell something about the person being remembered and why that person is being remembered. If that statue had a generic head on it and was destined for an art gallery, I'd say fine; it's not and I say it's inappropriate. And it is SOOOOOO butt ugly.
Cool! An action figure for the new Godzilla movie. 
 This not just a simple flaw in the iOS code.  Hogwash. While I'm no programmer, I can appreciate that an operating system like iOS involves millions of lines of code, managing a highly complex system of components. Given this complexity of the hardware and software, there is no way any smartphone system can be 100% bug-free, regardless of the quantity or quality of coders involved. Personally, I am happy any time a flaw is discovered before it can actually be put to use....
 You are correct; Apple was not the first with a fingerprint sensor, but Apple was the first to implement a sensor that worked very well. Samsung is using a fingerprint sensor technology that has been proven buggy, but they used it anyway on their very first top-end phone after the iPhone. That makes it copying. 
 Hmmm…wouldn't that be just nasty if someone was deliberately spreading credible but baseless rumors about future Apple products and features knowing that Samsung would rush something into production, thus causing Samsung to waste time, money, and resources not to mention damaging its fine, upstanding reputation for quality products? /s
OMG was never so appropriate.   I'm old fashioned. A bronze statue of a young Steve Jobs sitting cross-legged with a 128k Mac (like the iconic photo) is more to my liking. Or perhaps an aluminum statue of an older Steve Jobs sitting cross-legged with a 128k Mac, iPod, iPad, and iPhone.
I disagree! A story like this is going to be picked up by every news source in the world and splattered on every headline. You just have to replace the word "Samsung" with "Apple"... 
 1) The graphic above shows a size of 35.4 MB; the file I downloaded to my 4S weighed in at 1.1GB. Hmmm. 2) A couple of hours before I learned about this update, I listened to the 19 Feb episode #443 of Security Now (on the TWiT network) where Steve Gibson described a significant security hole in iOS and Android where apps don't check the certificates used by websites for SSL connections. "What that means is that they're accepting SSL connections and not checking to see if...
 This is why I look forward to the Galaxy Tab getting into the hands of real users, from geeks to newbies. That's when the fancy ads bump up against reality. Users discover what really can be done and what can't, whether it's the lack of an app, the stability of the system, the endurance of the battery, etc. The truth will out and users will vote with their wallets.
 Did everyone catch John Lassiter's name in the credits as Coach?
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