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Maybe DED is wrong. I don't care. I have my own figures as I've shown. Address those.
OK, clearly I'm missing something. Enlighten me.
I totally agree that the concept is great. Now tell me, what is the maximum amount you would pay and the minimum amount of battery life you'd accept for you to buy this thing. Then we can talk in June.  
It was. OK, I agree. It isn't any more. I mean, how else can you explain figures like this? Canaccord Genuity is a regular contributor to Fortune Magazine. Can't accuse them of being some fly-by-night outfit, right? http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2013/10/06/apple-iphone-5c-canaccord/
I have worn a smart watch for many years, mainly one or another version of the Casio DataBank (which, ironically, is virtually out of production except for some feeble models). I use my Casio watch to: 1) see the time at a quick glance, 2) remind me of appointments, 3) keep phone numbers (in the days before cell phones), 4) as my alarm clock to wake me up, 5) math calculations (I don't have a head for that), 6) keeping track of time zones when traveling without having to...
The more I read about this Google watch the more I am impressed with the concept and the more doubts I have about the actual product. The software interface that Google has created is stunning, but it is also the easy part. Touch screen, voice control (mic and speakers), dial illumination, activity monitoring…so many things to be powered. How? The watch is almost presented as a stand-alone device, but I imagine it will work in tandem with a smartphone, probably only ones...
24 inch? Is that a typo? Not trying to be snarky, just asking. I would think 27-30 inches would be more likely and in line with the current TB display.
Probably doesn't, not directly anyway; the idea is to sell music. Apple does have one of the largest music libraries, if not THE largest, and has the clout to get the first shot at exclusive new album releases. Any other Beyonce fans here? And don't forget iTunes Festival - some damn good shows there.
New Posts  All Forums: