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The real loser in the market for smart watches is Casio. I've been wearing one or another model of their Data Bank series for over 20 years. From it I get time (H-M-S), date (D-M-Y), phone book, calendar, calculator, time zones, alarm, timer, and stopwatch, all on a battery that lasts well over a year and is user replaceable. I know that it's not perfect and downright primitive in some ways, but I also know that there are a lot of loyal Data Bank users who, like me, would...
 "People are really intrigued with Touch ID" I get it! I get it! So next year's 5C (if there is one) will have Touch ID at the same price. Of course this year's 5C will drop down the hierarchy and will be cheaper. Same procedure as last year, James. 
…and sapphire.
Great minds think along the same lines (or at least similar ones)   Just posted by Florian Mueller, author of the often quoted FOSS PATENTS blog: Samsung's patent deal with Google suggests concern about ability to settle with Apple soon   "As long as Samsung primarily makes Android-based devices, it doesn't need a deal with Google, or vice versa, to avoid litigation between the two. If Samsung switched to an alternative platform like Tizen, then the agreement might...
Well played Mack, you beat me to it.  
I wonder how this might affect Android and Tizen. Could Google use patents relating to Tizen to circumvent Oracle? Or could Samsung use patents relating to Android to beef up Tizen? Imagine if Android was crippled between the Oracle/Apple patent suits and Microsoft patent fees, and Samsung then offers Tizen as an "unencumbered" replacement to the other handset manufacturers (for a fee, of course). Stab in the back to Google?   Probably not, but…
I have no idea if anyone will read this post but that wish list in the library has finally appeared in my iTunes. Don't what caused it to suddenly show up. Now in the library to left of the button for the iTunes Store is a new button with three short horizontal lines (a "hamburger" icon?) just like the one in the store that gets me my wish list. I can buy things or edit the list to delete items and there is a Preview feature.
I've had the same experience while in Europe, mainly Germany. Another nice point with Amazon is if you do use a foreign Amazon site, Amazon has a way to convert the local currency to dollars when charging to an America credit card. If you understand the local language go to Amazon Help, look for "Information for English speaking customers" > Payment Options > Related Topics > Amazon Currency Converter. Also I found that I could go to a local video rental store for movies...
Very clever. So when Samsung decides to start using sapphire on their devices, they'll need to get a license from Apple to mount it in the same clean and secure manner. Gold iPhone with sapphire display - that's what I call geek bling!
Like my mother used to say, the problem with building anything foolproof is that the Almighty keeps making better fools.
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