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I called it back in February: "Forget the 12" iPad. There is no usage model that makes any sense…but my thoughts do go either to another device with a 12" screen…"   Ever since the rumors of a 12" screen started, I thought instead of a big iPad Apple might reduce the number of laptop models by consolidating the 11" and 13" MBAs, maybe even the 13" MBP. 
Nothing is real until it is on the market but I agree the concept does look very, very good. But that's just looks. That's pretty fancy graphics. How visible will that screen be in bright daylight or on a dark night? How long will the battery life actually be? And I noticed that none of the images/video provided show a functioning watch, so how can it be real let alone perfect. And I'm curious as to the two analog watch faces shown in these demos - one with standard...
  It IS short-sighted. It occurs to me that this resurrection of the iPad4 is itself an interim measure that will not last through the end of the year if that long. I'm guessing a new iPad Air with Touch ID, 802.11ac, A7X or 8 processor, and the iPad line drops to three models. Forget the rumored 12" iPad…ain't gonna happen.
This is going to sound sooooo un-Apple; if this prediction were to come true, would Apple start matching model number to screen size? For example, the alleged 4.7 inch would be some new "5" and letter combo, and the 5.5 inch would be the "6". Possible?  NAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!  
Hmm…give it a nicer, smaller shape…add a wrist band…might have something there.  
I don't believe Apple has ever dropped its prices straight to the level of competitors. If things don't sell they drop the price but always stay a good bit more expensive than the rest of the field.
Note the article about an 8GB iPhone 5c. There's your 4S replacement. UK today, worldwide (almost) tomorrow.
OK, the current model's price will drop anyway when it becomes last year's model. Give the 2014 model the fingerprint sensor and a 64-bit processor and I'll bet that the selling curve will zoom upward.
I won't be happy until there's a big Apple logo on Ferrari's Formula 1 car. Forza Ferrari, y'all! 
 You also forgot she is Korean-American. Born and raised in the USA. Harvard grad.
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