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The most concerning part of the article is this part;   "Some Silicon Valley recruiters and former Apple employees at rival companies say they are seeing more Apple resumes than ever before, especially from hardware engineers, though the depth and breadth of any brain-drain remains difficult to quantify, especially given the recent expansion in staff numbers. "I am being inundated by LinkedIn messages and emails both by people who I never imagined would leave Apple...
That's very interesting. If the 5S gets 2GB of RAM, that would be a plus.
I don't know about most ( or majority) of the people, but there is definitely a growing demand for large-screen smartphones.
you sound sure of yourself.
Does look nice. If it's anything close to this, I can't wait to see what this looks like with iOS 7.
Kuo has a pretty decent track record, so I generally take what he says seriously.  As for the gold body being dumb....don't judge it till you see it. It all depends upon the shade of gold Apple picks.
I agree.  At some point, market share does begin to matter, especially from a developer perspective.  This blog post explains it very well.   http://ben-evans.com/benedictevans/2013/8/13/defending-ios
Actually, the Retina Display in the iPad 4 is still considered the highest quality display of any tablet, period. And I'm not referring just to ppi (pixels per inch).  I am talking about overall contrast, sharpness, and color reproduction, in addition to ppi.  Even the Samsung GS4, with its 440ppi screen is not as color accurate as the iPad 4. Apple has a hit a home-run with this screen.
I don't hear anyone complaining about the iPad mini being unusably small.
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