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a 32-inch 4K monitor, using an IGZO panel, paired with the new Mac Pro would be a beast of a system.
Depends on which target market you are referring to. According to this, among the college crowd notebooks still reign supreme;   http://bgr.com/2013/08/02/pc-sales-college-tablets/
That would be PR suicide for Apple. 
You are definitely right about the Moto X screen.  It looks like a bargain basement AMOLED screen, similar in quality of older Samsung Galaxy screens. From a qualitative perspective, even the Galaxy S4 screen trounces this.
I agree.  Where I live a 16GB off-contract S4 goes for $699 and a 16GB off-contract iPhone 5 goes for $649.
Other than the iPod market, I've never known Apple to go for blood.  I'd be surprised if the iPhone 5C (or whatever they call the lower-cost iPhone) is priced lower than $399, with the 5S starting @ $599.
It's not about the hardware perse, it's about the price.
Mark Gurman, who writes for 9to5Mac, just tweeted, that maybe another possibility Mansfield is no longer SVP, is that the Technologies Division could have gotten folded back into the Hardware Division.  
Don't know about that but he definitely has experience in leading software engineering teams. He was CTO of Adobe and potential-in-waiting for the CEO role. Maybe software / hardware integration is one area where he utilize his talents.
Kevin Lynch, who was hired away from Adobe, reports directly to Mansfield. His title is VP of Technologies. He's definitely one possibility to take over Mansfield's role.
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