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You definitely make some excellent points.  As far as the smartphone market is concerned, some developers are actually developing for Android first, iOS second due to the sheer market share of Android on smartphones.  On tablets, iOS still is king but there's increasing competition on the low end (Nexus 7) and the high end (Windows 8/RT).  I love the Apple ecosystem but no doubt Apple has to be feeling the heat.  Their hardware is great but personally, I think it's their...
I agree iOS has gotten much deeper enterprise penetration than any other Apple platform.  I'm curious to know how long that will last with Surface Pro or Pro-type tablets start rolling on the scene.
No dumber than Tim Cook saying Surface is like making cars fly or float.
Well, to its credit it does come with a full version of Office 2013. Office is to productivity software what iTunes is to music software. 
I agree.  Schiller is a pretty decent presenter.  He seems very natural when up there speaking.  I nominate Schiller for CEO.
both.  but the 4G version won't get delivered until November 16th.
Getting rid of Samsung as a component supplier could potentially hurt Apple long-term.  Samsung is excellent at manufacturing mass quantities of components at good quality.
This is a consumer machine?  I don't know many consumers in this day & age that have a minimum $1,299 to just drop on a computer.  This looks targeted more at the prosumer market than anything.
Excellent points. I agree.
for the most part yes. remember, the 4th generation also includes the 28nm LTE chip, so it can be used on more high-speed networks and Facetime HD.
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