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these 12 year olds will get iPad minis instead.
how does a 13" rMBP with only integrated graphics fair better than a rMBP with integrated+dGPU, in terms of being able to effectively drive a HiDPi display?
If you look hard enough it kinda looks like Steve Jobs 
You're assuming there will ever be an OS XI.  But yes, the Fusion Drive feature is slick and about time.
If you include all devices (smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks, notebooks, desktops, etc.), here is what Forrester predicts will be market share spread by 2016;   Apple - 25% MS - 30% Google - 40% Other - 5%   http://www.winsupersite.com/blog/supersite-blog-39/commentary/embracing-heterogeneous-future-144589
where'd you read that?
I still wouldn't underestimate or count out MS Surface.  There are a lot of people out there that want a mobile device that can run tablet apps and Office.  Just to give you an example of the the potential here's ground-up rewrite of Skype for Windows RT / Windows 8.  It's written as a Metro app;   http://bgr.com/gallery/skype-windows-8/   It looks very nice.  If developers can crank out Metro apps that are that level of quality then MS Surface can be successful.
Now that you brought it up, maybe Apple events should be government holidays. 
It would be cool & surprising if Apple did release the iPad 4 tomorrow. If they did that, what the hell are they going to do for the spring keynote?
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