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True that.
Maybe Apple doesn't want to be predictable.
I think the mean $100 less than the iPad mini.
+1   Best post I've seen on this topic so far.
You make good points but Apple could offer the following configurations;   1. 13" rMBP using integrated Iris 5100 graphics 2. 15" rMBP using integrated Iris Pro 5200 graphics 3. 15" rMBP using integrated Iris Pro 5200 graphics + discrete GPU
Here's Apple patent filing for "iWatch."  You can read all about it;   http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2013/02/talk-about-timing-apples-wristwatch-patent-arrives.html
"If Apple is leaving two things behind, it's the 30 pin connector and non-retina displays."   Agreed.
agreed. It's time to expand the iPhone line-up to include cheaper (not cheap) & bigger (4.7" to 4.9").  
Sounds like OSX Mavericks is shaping up to be a better release then iOS 7.
Many digs at skeuomorphism (hopefully I spelled it right lol) was made. I do not think Craig had any intentions of making digs at Forstall.  Love him or hate him, Forstall is a brilliant engineer.  And yes, kudos to Craig, he was on fire yesterday. Almost made me forget about SJ.
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