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I agree with you regarding the iPad 5 but I highly doubt the iPad mini 2 will get a redesign.  Best case scenario, the iPad mini 2 gets the 2048x1536 retina screen. Worst case scenario, it gets a performance bump but I'm willing to bet money the hardware design will look the same.
Assuming that these performance numbers are remotely close to what Intel claims that they are, Apple may not use or may not need to use discreet graphics in the 15" rMBP if they go with the i7-4950HQ.  This could potentially provide a nice boost to battery performance as well.
"Haswell's integrated GPU doubles the performance of Ivy Bridge, which is already good enough to run OS X."   That depends on which version of the Haswell processor you're referring to.  If it's the Haswell GT3e processor with the embedded DRAM then I agree. Supposedly, that specific version of Haswell does have GPU performance equivalent to Nvidia's GT650 mobile GPU.  If you're referring to any Haswell processor lower than that, then there's no guarantee of double...
I totally agree with the part about "focusing on making the iPad the number one computer in the world." 
"The software might become Apple's profit center."   They're aleady there;   http://www.asymco.com/2013/03/22/so-long-break-even/
Flat doesn't necessarily mean it'll look like Windows 8.  Google Now and many of Google's core apps on iOS utilize a flat design and they look great - modern looking like Windows 8 but as functional as iOS.  After using it for awhile, I'm not a big fan Windows Metro either.
He's not doing software design, he's doing UI design.  
So I take it then, that you think he's a good hire for Apple?
Considering that he was aspiring to be CEO of Adobe, I highly doubt he took the position to remain 2nd in command.  I personally think he'll be Bob's new replacement.
According to CNBC he's given the position of VP of Technology & reporting to Bob Mansfield. This is only one step below SVP of Technology.  So I'm only assuming that the next step for him is up that ladder (of course I could be wrong).   Given his background, I think a better fit for him would be in the Services / iCloud division.
New Posts  All Forums: