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Seeing that Mansfield is retiring (again) in late 2014, maybe this new guy is being groomed to take over Mansfield's position when he leaves.
If that were true, he'd be reporting to Eddy Cue but he isn't. He's going to be VP of Technology and reporting to Bob Mansfield so his job doesn't seem all that related to software.
I think a $399 iPad mini Retina is feasible as long as they lower the price of the iPad mini to $299 then we'd have the following;   iPad mini - starting @ $299 iPad mini Retina - starting @ $399 iPad Retina - starting @ $499   I don't see the iPad 2 sticking around come this holiday season, or even earlier.  What I'd also like to see Apple do, at least for the retina models, is start the storage capacity @ 32GB instead of 16GB.  
If history is any indication, the iPad mini with Retina will get the A6X SoC and the iPad Retina will get the new A7X (or whatever it ends being called) SoC.
  "One possibility that makes sense is the cheaper iPhone stays the same size and specs as the iPhone 5 and the next standard iPhone gets bumped specs and a larger display size."   Now this makes sense My thoughts exactly.
Where I live the iPhone 5 starts at a price of $699 (16GB) unlocked.  How is switching to a platic / glass casing going to make that a whole lot cheaper?
This is what I'm hoping for as well.  But to get there, Apple would probably need to design an SoC using ARM 64-bit, which won't happen till late this year, at the earliest, but most likely some time next year.  Imagine using the 13" rMBP screen to make one units.  Would be sweet.
Rene Ritchie, over at iMore.com, says iPad (5th gen) for April time frame and iPhone 5S for August time frame.  Right now I'll go with his rumor since he's got an excellent track record.
I hope so.  Colors are cool compared to just plain black & white.
You're right, Apple doesn't need to reinvent the phone year after year.  I don't even think that's possible unless all of Apple's supply chain partners are innovating at the same break-neck speed.  As long as Apple keeps making the iPhone better every year, I'm all for it. 
New Posts  All Forums: