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I agree.  Never underestimate the power of colors.  It's crazy but it works.
Such as?
How long before Steve Wozniak follows Kawasaki down the same path?
I haven't heard any of his rants about Google but if you listen to the last few episodes of Gillmor Gang, he's definitely a die-hard Google fan, more specifically regarding Google Glasses in addition to saying how Apple is not exciting and innovating anymore.
You make a good point but I've come to the conclusion, at least based on what I've seen anecdotally, that the vast majority of people don't care about lack of privacy. And then there are those like Robert Scoble who think that privacy is pretty much dead anyways.
It is, isn't it.  Add that to the rumors of the iPhone 5S launching in the summer, it's gonna be a big launch summer for sure.
What makes you so sure about that? And let's assume your theory is correct, are you implying that down the road there will be no market for traditional laptop / notebooks? just curious.
I agree completely.  Your pricing speculation makes perfect sense.
"Best Buy doesn't try this hard to sell extended warranties."   I beg to differ.   It's generally well-known that when buying higher-end gear like Macs, getting AppleCare is not only important but well worth it.  At least that's been my experience.
Yes they did have a good reason.  It's called internal politics.
New Posts  All Forums: