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I don't know about the 4S but it's time to ditch the 4, if for no other reason that it's a single-core processor. All devices are going multi-core.  Maybe next year, Apple could sell the 4S as a prepaid device.
"The phone is a work of art..."   Yes it is.
That's definitely a possibility. I came across this article that agrees with what you say;   http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2012/12/apples-new-in-cell-displays-may-be-root-of-production-problems.html   This is all speculation of course but still interesting.
Forget being in the market for one, I wish I had money for one. This does look really nice.
That would still be a stupid reason for letting go of someone with that level of skill & knowledge. He's an asset & could have been useful elsewhere.  
Good question.  I'm sure you're not the only one.  Not like there's many days left in November.
What they could've done is merge and create the most powerful mobile platform...period.
I'm not sure if Navteq is for sale but there's nothing stopping Apple from making an offer.  Apple uses MS Azure and Amazon EWC for their datacenter technologies so whatever server technologies MS is using, Apple is using as well.     The big difference is, is that Apple doesn't have search data like Bing and doesn't have the server / cloud services culture that MS, Google or Amazon have to build not only scalable, but reliable cloud services. That requires talent that's...
  "Microsoft did a much better job with their back end and cloud services than Apple. Bing search and maps are reasonably good. They were smart to build it in-house."   Actually, MS did not build their own mapping solution in-house.  Bing maps is powered by Navteq which is owned by Nokia.  The Bing mapping team built the UI front-end.  So it's really no different than what Apple has done. On a side note, Apple should license mapping data from Navteq or use their $100+...
I was thinking the same thing.  Williamson came from NeXT so he obviously has extensive knowledge of OSX.  They could have put him charge of the OSX team.  The last thing you want is letting go of all these ex-NeXT guys.  They are smart dudes.
New Posts  All Forums: