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Actually they did redefine it. With the iPad mini you get the full iPad experience (as in tablet-optimized apps) in a smaller / lighter package. The other small tablets are just running stretched smartphone apps.
When have they stopped innovating?  It's not like all the engineers went on sabbatical while all these lawsuits were going on.
It wasn't clear if by their, he was referring to just MS or both MS & Apple.  And I wasn't sure if he was referring to the reports saying that Android now has 75% marketshare in mobile phones.   For what it's worth, sales of Windows Phone 8 devices seem to be off to a decent start. Almost everywhere the Nokia Lumia 920 is going on sale it's selling out pretty quickly.  Of course there's no hard numbers but even the Lumia 900 didn't get off to that quick a start when it...
not necessarily true.  Everybody needs a way to communicate and stay in touch but nowhere is it written that going forward phones have to be the device to achieve that.
You and a couple of other posters know what I'm talking about.  Not everybody needs a phone, but everybody needs a way to communicate for work and personal.  If Apple plays this right, the iPad mini can be a phenomenal way to achieve that. 
Obviously if Apple put phone functionality in the mini, you would have a bluetooth headset.  But it's an option for those that would love that route. 
"Besides, their longevity in the phone market may be very short."   Based on what?
If this mini is as successful as this analyst says it is, it could potentially, over time, become Apple's biggest selling device, even bigger than the iPhone.
The Surface Pro doesn't compete with the iPad and vice versa. They're two completely different devices.  If anything, the Surface Pro competes with the MB Air & will be priced accordingly - My guess $899 to $1099.   I could be wrong but we'll see.  The iPad competes with the Surface RT.   As far as the Surface Pro being a great tablet is debatable even though it has a great tablet UI.  There are many anecdotal reports of people finding the iPad heavy to hold for long...
New Posts  All Forums: