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You might not be far from the mark. Here are links to two interesting posts regarding the Sinofsky departure;   http://winsupersite.com/windows-8/microsoft-announces-leadership-change-sinofsky-out   http://curiousrat.com/home/2012/11/12/on-sinofskys-departure-from-microsoft
That's true.
I'm all for Apple making bigger inroads into the automotive sector but it still shouldn't ignore the living room.  There's still big potential there. 
Damn, I should've been a patent troll.
I have only one thing to say - F***k Wall Street.
yes you're correct.  made a big mistake.
(BOM / Selling price) x 100
Close. If starting BOM is $188, then subtract that from $329 & you get a difference of $142.  $142 is approximately 43.16% of $329.  That's a decent starting gross margin.
are you sure he designed the iPhoto app?
Awesome. Thanks. This is a great device but I think I'll wait till they put, at the very least, an A6 processor & 1GB of RAM. Retina would be awesome but not a must have in this device.
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