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I wonder how somebody who has no business relationship with Google could be financially motivated by Google to do anything? Or do you think Google is going around and try to buy out all ad-blocker developers? I don't think that could be a sustainable solution for Google. 
Which is why he is offering a full refund. How many apps offer a full refund after they get discontinued? And I find it rich to complain about a lack of updates for free apps as you implicitly just did. 
A couple weeks into The Magazine, he hired an editor (Glenn Fleishman) after he realised that developing apps (including the one for the The Magazine) was where his interests and talents lied. When he sold the The Magazine, he sold it to Glenn Fleishman who was largely running the editorial side already for a while. No subscribers got harmed in the process.  And I am sure he feels a bit like an idiot already (for spending time and public exposure) on something only to...
Thinking about it, the one time I attempted to restore from iCloud (in the Apple Store after buying a new phone), I remember I had to download the apps separately after the restore process. But I aborted that restore process and switched to restoring from iTunes because it was faster. But since I (a) semi-regularly sync with iTunes and (b) always back up to iTunes whenever I sync the phone with it, I know that iTunes has the apps (and I have half a dozen backups of my...
I've read his blog for about five years. I have listened to podcasts with him almost weekly for a similar amount of time. I have read his blog post in which he announced that he pulled the app.  So, yeah, I do have some reasonable ideas why he pulled the app and it was not because I got bored with it. It is pretty clear that he had some doubts about indiscriminate ad-blocking that have been affected by the discussion in the last couple of days and that he doesn't want to...
Can you point me to publishers that have openly supported music piracy and denounced ad blockers?  Yes, there are sites that re-publish other people's work without permission but Appleinsider isn't exactly one of them. You are throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Apparently because you have been wronged, all bets are off and it is fine for anybody to cheat to pay back society for what it has done to you.  Just because some publishers have behaved immorally (or even...
Which he did by re-imbursing everybody. What if you had done something you deeply regretted? Would you continue doing it in order not to disappoint the people who gave you a one-time fee for it. Sometimes you have to make a decision between pissing off two different persons (or groups of persons). And the only harm done here is to inconvenience some people buy having to apply for a refund and install another app. If that is a capital offence in your mind, fine, be my guest. 
You mean the person who neither copied the app to iTunes (by simply syncing the phone) nor backed up his phone to iCloud or iTunes? It doesn't matter whether you bought an app yesterday or six months ago, an app can get cancelled every day. If you don't know this yet, you might have to learn it the hard way.  And if somebody looses the app today, it should be fairly trivial to find out that she or he can get fully re-imbursed for it. 
 You never in your life changed your opinion? And whatever product or service you sold, you supported for free for multiple years? Apps stop getting updates every single day and there is always somebody who just bought it the day before. 
Generally things break only with major OS updates and we are quite a long way away from that. Secondly, lot's of apps stop getting updates after some time and only very rarely will the user be aware of it.
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