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That's where services like Readability come in that load the rest of the article into the same window/area that is showing the article summary (which for example is built into the RSS client Reeder). There can be the occasional website where this does not work but non of my regular feeds block this service. And a lot of good sites also post the whole article, eg, macrumors.com. And yes, some sites are adding ads now but for me they always appear unobtrusively at the end of...
I can't see any reason it wouldn't. It works now after switching between apps. 
I think you will survive having to put all your newspaper and magazine apps manually into a folder (which you then can even name Newsstand). Newsstand today is nothing but a specially styled folder where apps that signed up for it are placed (and cannot be moved from).
Get an RSS reader, you cannot get more consistency. 
They are already standalone apps. Right now Newsstand is nothing but a special folder that apps that have selected to use must be located in. Originally, apps in the Newsstand folder profited from background downloads and notifications for new editions, now every app can do this, it doesn't need to be in Newsstand for it anymore. 
I already have about six different USB cables (and that is without USB-C):USB-A to USB-BUSB-A to miniUSB-A to microUSB-A to Panasonic micro-ishUSB-A to Sony micro-ishUSB-A for USB3 Then I have cables for:VGADVImicro-DVImDPHDMIFW400FW800
That can't be quite right. 8K is four times 4K (ie, doubling vertical and horizontal resolution). If 8K needed 130 Gb/s, then 4K would need 32.5 Gb/s. But TB2 with 20 Gb/s can support 4K.  Thus, TB4 (if it double the throughput again) should support 8K. 
And, TB3 doesn't ship until fall. The next round of new 12" MacBooks might have it, note that there are two versions of the Alpine Ridge controller, though maybe the MacBook still needs to wait for the next TB controller that is smaller.
It restored a recently deleted image (as thumbnail) but it didn't go far into the past for me.
The difference is that the five-finger gesture induced close animation tracks the speed with which you move your fingers. So, apart from you not moving your fingers as smoothly as the automatic gradient, the iPad has to track your fingers in real-time and convert that to an animation. Already if the tracking of your finger movement is not working at a high enough sampling frequency to produce a (visually) jitter-free control signal, things won't look as smooth. Sure, there...
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