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"The new iPhone is projected to mark one of the few secular growth stories" Secular growth stories? Are AI editors so hot and bothered about these fanboi analyst pronouncements that they don't even bother to proofread their articles?
I'm totally down with this as long as they don't add it to the bloated feature list of iTunes.app.   iTunes.app is too larded up with unrelated features already - eg, why do I want my music player also responsible for syncing contacts with my phone?
This is the first Apple TV rumor I've heard in a couple of years that managed to pass the bullshit test.
  Feature #201: Decreased battery life!
Actually, this situation is not un-heard of: Inventor A develops a invention, keeps its design private as a "trade secret" and then goes on to make a successful product/business out of that design.  Inventor B independently develops an identical invention and publicly files to patent it, then creates his own successful product/business based on this patented invention.  Inventor B subsequently proves that Inventor A's previous trade-secret-protected product is identical...
(Note that "prior art" does not necessarily have anything to do with artwork.)   Examples of invalidating prior art might be previous patents of the same idea, public disclosure of the idea prior to the patent filing - even disclosure by the inventor! - or any other previous public exposure of the idea anywhere that would preclude its novelty or compromise its subsequent non-obviousness. BTW, didn't Alan Kay's Dynabook (circa 1968) come in a tablet incarnation?   I wonder...
Besides multi-client sync, what problems would you be trying to work around?
Glad I still use POP3.  Everybody else still sold on "the cloud"?
Any benchmarks out yet to support this claim?  Otherwise I think the anecdotal reports are a likely result of Apple's marketing hype feeding the Shiny New Car effect. Even Ars' 24-page review doesn't say a thing about enhanced performance.  My ML install gives nearly the exact same Geekbench numbers as SL, and I can't say that the UI interactions that Geekbench can't quantify feel measurably different one way or the other.  
New Posts  All Forums: