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What "assertion" of genius are you talking about?  I simply implied that they're not complete idiots, and know better than to try an x.0 release that will supposedly fix something that ain't broke.
  "Their implementation requires"?  Ha ha ha ha ha. More like "Their business model requires."   I said Ef to their business model and installed it on my 2006 MacPro1,1. And I'll bet of that 3.2% adoption rate that 99.9% of those ML installs came from a Lion upgrade.  Legacy SL users know better than to jump on a x.0 release.
I don't know if we need Office 2013 for Mac, but we do need some version of Office on the Mac to be feature complete - I mean, Outlook still doesn't have feature parity with dearly departed Entourage.       This also galls me - the amount of cash they're sitting on and they can't even pony-up to keep advancing the software products they've already got out there.  iWork is languishing...Final Cut Pro X anyone?...and when was the last substantial update to Aperture?  (No,...
Perhaps not "easy", but Rogue Amoeba's AirFoil and AirFoil Speakers tools have been offering audio streaming from any app to AirTunes/AirPlay compatible devices - including other Macs, Windows machines and iOS devices - for years.  I hope this isn't considered Mt Lion's "killer" feature.
  Well, not exactly all Aperture 3 users - those of us still running Aperture 3.2.2 on 10.6.8 are S.O.L.
Since you brought it up, the real question is "Will Apple's 3D maps do that"?   Or simply "might" [be able to], which was the only claim by the unnamed "person briefed on the strategy"?
I call B.S. on this one.  Those mis-placed and mis-sized ports are signature features of the counterfeit iPods we see all over the 3rd world.
Article title should read    
Is there really that little Apple news today? I think this story takes the prize for farthest stretch from actual Apple content this year.
Can someone tell me why I need "retina" resolution in a display I'm viewing from 30" away?  At this distance I certainly can't resolve individual pixels at a .25mm dot pitch, and I wouldn't be that happy burning the additional GPU cycles to push 4x pixels around.
New Posts  All Forums: