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Ok, now I want to see all those people who were against a fingerprint scanner from Apple chiming in on how bad an idea it is for Android phones.  Where are all those "I don't trust Apple with my fingerprint" people now?  Are you more trusting of Samsung, a Korean company run by a convict?
Oh, they SHIPPED that many but how many did they SELL??????
I just recently trimmed my cable plan down to basic and am thinking about going Apple TV soon, waiting for the new updated box. If I like it I may just go cable free or the very cheapest cable plan my cable co. offers. I'm looking to cut the cord, gotta wean the wife off slowly lol.
ANALyst. Nuff said.
pretty sure the NSA already does.
Here's a thought, government should stop wasting taxpayer money on stupid shit and giving it away to countries that hate us anyway.  What would happen? We would get out of debt and there would be no need to raise taxes or find new ways to tax.  PERIOD.  
If you ship 'em they will come. Or maybe not. Samdung is a piece of crap company with no honor, all they know how to do is copy. They will lose in the end.
I think the case makers are wasting time and money. There will be no iPhone Lite. Why? You can already get a 4 for 99 cents with a contract.
Hey, why not reveal all this info so that competitors can get a leg up on Apple?  Why can't we just be surprised when Apple reveals new products?  Then when the actual product is released and it's not up to the hyped up rumors the stock tanks and people are disappointed. Everyone loses.  
The day Apple releases products to "satisfy" the market, and I mean that as in the only reason to release a product.. it's doomed. Screw the stock market, Apple needs to continue to focus on the consumer as they are the people who will keep them in business!!!
New Posts  All Forums: