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Lets not forget you also need a participating credit or debit card to use it. None of my cards work at this time so I'm out.
And now carriers are giving away free tablets when you upgrade your phone. Hardly comparable when iPad is never or nearly never given away as a promotion. Same with the buy one get one Samdung phones they were giving away. Easy to get big "sales" numbers when your giving away product.
At last we know what they are going to use liquid metal for!!!!!!
Holy crap my 6 is noticeably snappier!
In other news, Google releases Google Maps with augmented reality navigation with 'X-ray vision' features.
Oh my! Look at that new cable and connector... I can't wait to get the new iPhone!!! I'm sorry, I love Apple and their products but I find these articles showing supposed parts of the phone funny as hell. what do I care what the camera sensor or other supposed part looks like? Why can't people just wait for the real phone to be released and be surprised instead of showing these fake or real parts? End of rant.
I for one am waiting for the new Mini, I use my mac mainly for web browsing so why would I need to spend $1300 on an iMac when the mini will do? Hell, depending on what they do to the mini I may just get an iPad and call it a day.
everyone cries specs, I say give me great games not specs. I'm an old school gamer (Atari 2600), and those old blocky games had better and more satisfying play than alot of the current games with movie like graphics. Ok, let the flames begin.
Ok, now I want to see all those people who were against a fingerprint scanner from Apple chiming in on how bad an idea it is for Android phones.  Where are all those "I don't trust Apple with my fingerprint" people now?  Are you more trusting of Samsung, a Korean company run by a convict?
Oh, they SHIPPED that many but how many did they SELL??????
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