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I'm rather disappointed that this is iPad-only. Mine's been appropriately collecting a lot of dust since the 6 came out, but honestly I don't see anything here UI-wise that couldn't be scaled down to the 5 either.
Why would they have to do either? Why not develop an original API tailored to the platform, or better yet fork an existing one? Why were the only two options to copy one of these two, otherwise completely independent platforms?
I have an iPhone, but I drive a car and drink vodka coolers. Outlier?
To be honest, I find myself extremely sceptical of this claim. Namely, we only have the report of Bloom, and, I believe without exception, every time there has been a case of "Apple cut us off from their platform because they don't want us to compete" has turned out to have a much more reasonable explanation; usually that the "victimized" were up to no good and are trying to turn attention away from their misdeeds by blaming Apple.
 That's a hell of a bug, as the only thing actually necessary for accurate battery reporting (on any device) is to completely discharge and recharge the battery every few months or so, depending on frequency of use.
So Apple rejecting Bitcoin apps has absolutely nothing to do with the giant legal question mark the currency currently occupies in the US?
 The ITC ruling was over standards-essential patents. Obama would have vetoed any ban for any company on this grounds, in fact he explicitly stated that this was the precedent he wanted to set after he did not veto the Samsung ban (which was over non-essential patents). (Also, I don't see how you can call favouritism when they're clearly on Jeff Bezos' speed dial)
 Assume you meant @Mike. Counter to many European countries, advertised prices in both Canada and US exclude VAT, so the advertised price is the same across the country even though you might end up paying different province-to-province/state-to-state. NAFTA basically makes the importation a non-issue, and while we have our own regulations regarding wireless devices, Industry Canada I believe follows suit pretty well with FCC, so no need to retest for the country. Price...
Apple seems to have given up that practice in Canada, what with the iPhone 5S having a $70 premium on only a 3% currency difference.
How is it that they keep supplying stores with new stock when launch day orders haven't even been filled yet?
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