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Please NO!
My dad is a perfect example of who buys into shit like this. All he cares about is money and cheap. He got a new phone thrust upon him by AT&T, so he chose the android phone over a simple phone because "it has more features and is free". He's the epitome of "can't understand technology". Instead of choosing an iPhone he'd have to put money into, he chose crap for free. I checked out the phone to figure out why he wasn't getting the message I left him. The GUI is cluttered...
I'm curious, but not exited about anything other than the iPad pro... and, damnit, a new Mac Pro with retina display!!!
What do people expect? The market is saturated!! People prefer the product that earned (and is burning) its reputation as a fantastic handheld computing appliance for real people (not geeks). Then there's the other product. Every company trying to get into the same level of success with the same type of product is just further clogging up an already saturated market. Then people act shocked. If the new product isn't actually revolutionary, don't expect to do more than...
"Sport". You'd think it would be cheap enough to replace often or rugged enough to abuse. The Apple Watch is neither. It's a luxury product for tech gadget lovers. Luxury products should be treated to luxury care, not daily rough-housing. I have a case on my iPhone 4 because it's too brittle and slippery as designed. Apple condemned it by design to be shattered or hidden, so the design was an utterly foolish choice for aesthetics alone. Especially for a handheld "do...
A fair for vanity. How apropos.
I noticed this on my own yesterday or the night before. It was one of slowest, bloated pages I've visited on a computer (not handheld device). It was taking forever to load, so I closed the tab. The bulk of the Internet today is slow, bloated gimmick websites with unnecessary junk and scripting; this YouTube thing is just more of the same trash.
All entirely laugh-worthy... if not so disgusting: 1. "Future proof". Not in the computer industry. Not in rank capitalism where built-in obsolescence is demanded by the shareholders demanding perpetual growth. 2. Won't collect user data. Just like they never did before. That's Google's core business. 3. Modular cell phones, so we can have cell phones that are just as inconsistent and incompatible with parts "made for" it as the voodoo world of custom PC builds. Yes...
That's not me, I've moved to Mac, abandoning Windows, but I have to say it is sad to see the validation of an old claim that Macs suffer less viral/exploitation simply for being less popular/common. The course we are headed in is not as bad as the Windows cess pool, but it's also not as worry-free as it previously appeared. Popularity breeds contempt and opportunism.
Exactly the very point I was going to make.This is so looney that I suspect the gun money will rotate all the way around till they're weirdly on "my" side: I bet the gun lobby fights against this BS because it's an obvious easy step to make the same proclamation about guns.
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