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Thanks for that link. I lost interest after the reviewer described the latest utterly pathetic revision to the programs list on the Start menu. The whole system sucked since Windows 95, but it was at least customizable and manageable by moving all the shortcuts around and making your own folder hierarchy. Now it's worse than it ever was. Doesn't anyone at Microsoft even USE their own OS??It's amazing. They have had decades to correct the architecture of Windows and they...
I don't get all the hate Vista and 8 got. I've been running 8.1 for about a year and it is pretty much the same as always. Vista was pretty much the same as always. The only real thing to complain about is the shuffling of the deck chairs. Every Windows version relocates and renames settings and makes them harder to find (mostly by spreading them out wider and making you have to read longer labels). The functionality of the OS hasn't really changed much at all in 20 years.
Also: Yet again, corporations are given well over a decade to accomplish a minor change. The damage has been done. The only way to help anything is to change NOW and reduce the ultimate impact.
Managed forestry is not the answer. Using recycled material is. Already wrote to Tim Cook about it. Anyone else? Perfect packaging isn't necessary. Recycled materials can be just as nice, if different.
Oh boy, I can't wait for the serious diworseification to start.
Of course it has higher satisfaction. It's a luxury item. The buyers already believe they want it. There's less experimental purchase involved.
Breaking your phone THREE times indicates a problem with handling on the customer's end. I'm careful with my possessions. I see no reason why the average person can't be the same. If you have a disability, that's understandable. If your phone is at risk via employment being rough, the employer should supply the device. That said, I STRONGLY feel that warranty replacements (maybe not user damage replacements) should be REQUIRED by law to be a completely NEW item, NOT a...
When I found out that Hulu's paid version still shows ads, I just about flipped my lid. The fact that society tolerates this is just another example of how the free market is a lie. It's easy to boil the frog when you raise the temperature slowly. If you took a large piece of populous from 1960 to today, you'd see how utterly intolerant of the capitalism of today they would be and how much they'd reject it. But being the changes slowly, over decades, and you can drive...
Anyone else finding this version of OS X to be an improvement on older versions on older machines? I have a MacBook Pro 5,5 (late 2009) that runs very well with Snow Leopard but very slowly on Mavericks. I didn't even bother with Yosemite. Is El Capitan a solid improvement over both?
Ah a gathering of some of the 1%. Or maybe the 5%. Geek edition.
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