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I wish they could stop selling product to those damn "will it survive being smashed by a tank" article writers. What a waste of material, money, etc. Every time some jackass buys an iPhone explicitly to destroy it, that's one more legit customer that has to wait until stock is replenished. They should track the websites and blacklist the writers of those articles. At least at the beginning of a new product rollout.
Today's websites are slow and buggy user experiences, so yeah, apps are still the way to go.
"I'm sorry, it's your fault too." Good old corporate apology. Tim cook was right about the opportunism. If Jobs hadn't died, all the books and movies wouldn't have appeared. This is always how it works. Just be honest about it.
Why don't they see this coming? I mean, surely they do. Any features on the lock screen are complexities. Complexity is the chief opponent of reliability (and security). If not for competing against rivals who also refuse to accept that same logical fact, why else would such convenience features get put into a LOCK screen? I don't use a lock screen on mine because I hate the added inconvenience of unlocking a phone to use it, but these reports tell me that using the...
Seriously: why the hell can't I scroll up without the page jumping to the top? Only AI does this to me. It's actually more annoying than the sites that break "tap top of screen to scroll to top of page" functionality.
Hell, if I didn't have alternatives to this site, I'd pay to have the hostile, arrogant, self-important geek jerks eliminated from the "community", not just the topic trolls. Frankly, when the "troll" is actually a long standing member that never gets moderated, it just degrades the overall experience for those that want nothing to do with such kinds of personalities. The Internet is a wonderful medium for anonymous cowards to flex the muscles they wish they had, in a...
1. Because the US government is known to do this same kind of stuff and to be currently waging political war against tech companies for not granting them a back door so they can cheat when doing surveillance (and not have to do their own work to get access). Who's to say they're not taking the situation into their own hands with this very exploit? The NSA is immune to law, so the DMCA and Patriot act computer terrorism language doesn't apply to them (as in, the government...
I must admit this was a decent article. It's also one of the very few Apple Insider articles that didn't have any egregious typos, grammatical errors, or other of various types of mistakes that proof reading can solve. But there's part of the problem: quality of content and effort to behave like a professional. It's sorely lacking in the current print magazines (here's looking at you, Future Publishing), which obviously eliminated proof reader employment and production...
iOS GUI design has been idiotic since iOS 7. The fact that Jony Ive doesn't understand how the human eyes and brain perceive objects in a 2-dimensional plane... does he have a perception disorder or is he just ignorant and arrogant?? Get that man off the GUI design and get rid of that flat BS. That said, the keyboard should have always shown upper and lower case letters. No good reason for not having done that from day one.
Remember when reviews were supposed to be user-reported descriptions of experience with a thing, instead of some kind of game of popularity and an extension of marketing?
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