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Once fund raising campaigns turn into full time jobs for people, more and more money goes into funding the operations than to the original target. Fund raising is a big business for some. It might not be profit making, but the bigger these organizations get, the more they spend the money maintaining the organization itself, which isn't supposed to be the point. My union was like this (it was self serving, to maintain its own existence, not support workers).
So it'll be cured any day now, right?
No singe person does work that warrants such pay. And don't call Obama progressive. Corporate, maybe...
I'm disgusted with Samsung's behavior, and, prior to iOS 7, I loved iPhone for what it was. But I actually think devaluation of patents is the way to go. Unfortunately, companies like Samsung would reap the greatest benefits from that by continuing to copy the hell out of everything from everyone. Though it might make it unlikely that they'd be as able to sue others for "paten infringements". This whole system has not only fallen over under its own bloated weight, it also...
Good point. Also, I wonder if you what you what?
What are you talking about? Straw man much? Do you even know what liberal means?
Another subscription service I'll say no to.
Facebook is an advertising marketer, like Google.
These are meaningless stats when most upgrades aren't educated choices. I'm one of the few who knew what I was getting and said no way. iOS 7 is horrific. The OS is the computer. I chose iPhone because the GUI was superb. Now that's been undone with iOS 7. I've therefore stopped upgrading and have chosen not to buy an iPad. We'll see what iOS 8 brings, but I've little hope it will reverse course on this GUI destruction process and I'm afraid of what Apple will do to Mac...
Somehow I expect that if they would sever the agreement on their end, if they thought it was in their best interests, the guy would have no say in the matter, nor legal compensation if he fought them on it. The claim of honoring agreements, from a big corporate entity (regardless of failing or thriving), sounds horribly disingenuous to me.
New Posts  All Forums: