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DEAD ON TARGET!Wall Street can bite my shiny metal ass. The smartest thing any public company could do is to go private and snub Wall Street. Wall Street is what destroyed the global economy. In the old days, speculators were frowned upon. Because people had sense.But greed, and the capitalist obsession with the utterly impossible fantasy of perpetual growth/perpetual profit increases, will keep us trapped in a dangerously unstable anti-economy driven by insanity and...
The iOS 7 update is still wasting 3+ GB on my iPhone 4...
So you're mocking people by their socioeconomic status then? Do you think you have zero presence in the game because you're not poor or disgustingly wealthy? So you mock all sides to feel superior to a fight you don't comprehend?You're a libertarian? Pro-capitalist propaganda, hoping to ride the coattails of the successful, and devoid of empathy wherever it doesn't serve you personally?That's republican anarchism. Or republican-lite. Same as democrat corporate cronyism,...
It's called green washing. The power companies are green washing their offerings to market to people that give a damn. They're not really making clean energy or focusing on renewables. They're buying "credits" from an entity that does. It's a huge whitewash campaign.
They must be destroyed??? Nice environmental concern there.
The Japanese industrial culture was focused on "serve the man rapidly with plentiful items" before the USA fiddled with rebuilding them after WWII. The USA changed their culture to "serve the man with singular quality". They kept that ideal for a great long time. Far beyond the time the USA abandoned it and turned to mass cheap crap and built-in obsolescence. The cheap crap didn't come from Japan. The good stuff did. Haven't you seen Back to the Future?Doc Brown of 1955:...
If people consider electronic devices that work well, are well built, and are actually easy to use for non-geeks to be "luxury"... Well that's just totally effed up. I have no interest in luxury product. I am only interested in what I described above. iPhone was a brilliant and sensible device (Apple has broken that with iOS 7's wretched redesign and bugs).
I can't wait for this wearables buzz fad to end. As for the "questionable" anonymous comments... It sounds like management in many places I've worked (the people in charge being clueless political talk jackasses), so I'm apt to allow it some credibility.
Bigfoot joke aside, THIS is the definition of reasonable. But when belief is involved, it doesn't matter how much factual data you give people, those who want to believe in BS will continue to.
Yeah, that was going to be my comment. Anyone who writes that seriously, doesn't comprehend the meaning of the words in use. I would certainly hope the article author was being sarcastic.
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