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That must be new to this update. Did they fix the file association problem where Mac OS wouldn't let you configure Pages docs to open in '09?
Yup. This "update" is still miles away from being an upgrade compared to the '09 versions.
Once again I'm sitting on money to buy an iPad, but with iOS 7 a disaster of bugs and GUI sickness, I don't feel like I want one any more. Sad. iPad Air is wasted on iOS 7.
This is just too common now. When is the industry going to deal with this at the fundamental level? These chips aren't built for heat tolerance in portables. This is what killed my MacBook Pro 3,1. Because of it, I refuse to let my newer 5,5 MacBook Pro get intensive GPU and CPU activity. Makes it less a workstation and more an Internet console.
If you hate them so much, why did you buy it? Or are you talking about a workplace fridge?Watching Samsung's shameless behavior in the cell phone market has lead to me crossing them off my list of future products (all I have are two computer displays, and neither are particularly impressive).
I've become increasingly resistive to logging into the Google monopoly on websites. I stay logged out of Google unless checking Gmail, and I never bother logging into YouTube to comment or even rate (not a real loss there). Why? My Internet searches are my business, not for marketing purposes. I hate both marketing and advertising in specific. There's almost zero accountability and advertising seems to be nearly 100% misdirection and lying. Between corporate news agencies...
I expect this product category to be an abysmal failure. I don't know anyone that wears a watch... nor any other electronic "wearables". It's a speculation fad.
The sole reason this guy needs to be dumped is the money he expects to be paid for what amounts to being a middle-micro-manager. There should be cuts across the board for all upper level executives, too...
I couldn't care less. Really could not. At all. Wall Street, and these analysts, are so self-important. I would love to see public ownership go extinct. That would save products, employees, and even entire companies, from the greed of market playpen bullies, know-nothing traders, and vulture capitalists. It's a broken system that once provided function but is now just an exploitation and manipulation feature in a market that had totally escaped its own regulation.
So what? This isn't Samsung Insider nor Michael Bay Insider... Baysplosions!!!! I don't care to read about this jerk on pages where it's relevant. Why must I read about him here? And yeah, it doesn't seem like a "meltdown" to me. You're just trying to sensationalize it. Knock it off. Report what is, not what you want people to see.
New Posts  All Forums: