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Can we post reviews? Then it would be a useful (to the public) feedback mechanism. The public cannot view the feedback sent to Apple in the normal feedback web pages. PS: The App Store has been a GUI disaster since iOS 6. I can't believe they haven't replaced it in iOS 7. Do the pages slide like native iOS components yet, or are their gesture behaviors still wrong?
Oh, so health is an "entitlement problem" for the spoiled liberals?Idiot. Health is a right. Otherwise you cannot pursue that BS American dream and personal accountability BS you libertarian and republican nuts are always flogging.
The American dream is a lie.
Jesus Christ, some of you people are unbelievable, attempting to ignore some basic facts and twist reality so you can use the "users are doing it wrong, and Apple is not at fault" narrative. And yes, the document did "automatically save". That's explicitly a feature of the OS and Apple apps since 10.7.Et cetera.
So not relevant to Apple news.
Microsoft isn't as wrong as you think. Listen to actual iWork users: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5468056?tstart=0
That seems to be what they did. Apparently only Keynote avoided the slaughter, though previous users all seem to dislike the side bar formatting thing (I was suspicious of its screen wasting when they showed it during the keynote).Since the last iWork was released in 2009, I've been wondering why it was left abandoned for so long. Did they only have one developer working on it? Did he leave Apple and leave his code a mess? Did they find it was so impossible to port to iOS...
If you go read the reviews in the Mac App Store, you'll see what watered down means. They've removed tons of functionality from all three iWork applications on the Mac just to make them match up with iOS and iCloud. Go to the Apple forums. Apple just broke my heart. This just confirmed the fear that Apple doesn't really care about serious tools. No wonder these are free. They dumped the actual software and redeveloped a mockery of what it was.
No. Will not grant access to my email. In fact, thanks to scum like yatedo.com, I don't even have my LinkedIn profile visible any more. I'm so sick of this social media stuff that fails to do anything but stroke ego. Dating sites are useless for men, job seeking tools don't help in an economic depression, and actual social engagement is utterly lacking in all the rest. It's all just yet another way for big business to market to us anyway.
Yeah, how about a retina-like desktop resolution, too, while we're at it.Push push push this slow beast of an industry forward!!
New Posts  All Forums: