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Sounds like one mighty cluster-frell.
As a hobbyist 3D person (or someone that WOULD BE of the damn software wasn't so archaic and filled with bugs that even the users don't seem to care about), my experience has been that the majority of 3D is indeed done on Windows. Every cross-platform 3D package I've tried has been beyond flaky on Mac OS X. The developers don't care. They often don't even have a proper Mac development team or workflow. The market supports Windows development. They only release Mac versions...
Nor the cost of returning and replacing those parts when they arrive defective, or when they turn out to be subtly incompatible with the rest of the configuration. PC geeks really marginalize this aspect of PC builds. As a former builder who used to believe in building, I have to say it's not worth it if you're more focused on getting work done, rather than configuration and support.
Every photo of the new Mac Pro thus far has shown one only. There's not even been a socket for a second one on the other GPU board, though many have suggested Apple might put one there.
The fact alone that you are using the Zik-Zak logo earns you points with me ;-D
Personally, I'm hoping Apple provides a retina-style display for the Pro soon. I'd rather the GUI was retina style; large for ease of use, and sharp for ease on the eyes. Graphics folks still get just as much ability to view graphics at 100% (or near enough).
Yeah, the shitty trackpad behavior was why I removed my BootCamp partition from my MacBook Pro 3,1. You mean they haven't fixed this in five+ years?
Why? They never proofread their own work. Why do research?
Was hoping for more in Logic, actually. Such as GPU as DSP support, and new GUIs for the rest of the included synths and plugins. In retina sizes. You know... Make it uniform across the whole X release, and make it use all the hardware.
Not "screw humans"; focus human labor on work that humans do best instead of lousy work that machines SHOULD do. You're such a humanitarian.
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