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And this is exactly it. The user isn't to blame in most of these cases we see in the media, yet, in true capitalist pass-the-buck fashion, the consumers are given the responsibility for maintaining INHUMAN password demands.Even if your data is entirely inaccessible to you because you've secured it against yourself and social engineering, it still is stolen. So why are WE letting them put the responsibility on US? I'll tell you why: the tech world THRIVES on blaming the...
Yeah, big surprise, right?1. I'm living on disability. I have almost no money at all. I gave my first (original) iPhone to my equally poor friend so she could have a decent phone and she loves it. Another close friend has her own business and just barely scrapes by, but she helped me buy my current iPhone 4 and she uses Apple product extensively.4. Premium for "nice things"? Try again. We buy the stuff that works more often, more reliably, with greater ease (I was a tech...
Me. Look at how freaking flawed software is, and how vulnerable it is. What's the point? Do I want one central point of failure to lose all my passwords or get them all stolen? They've already admitted to a security breach in the past, and look how secure our entire Internet is, with years-long vulnerabilities and unknown exploitation.
Nope. Still not going to pay a subscription to use software. To anyone. Ever.
Microsoft is well known for its "embrace and extend" method of capturing, changing, and then ruining open standards so that they're Microsoft-only "standards". Not invented here syndrome is more Apple than Microsoft (have you seen the mice? Granted, changing iOS to look like android and windows metro was really a crazy reversal of this).Yes, it would be nice to see only one standard here, but it's always a throw of the dice to see how all the players let it shake out over...
His exorbitant expectations (they are) are probably still part of his PTSD of doing Alien3 for Fox... ;-D
You're welcome to your tech fad delusions.
The Facebook app is the absolute worst performing and most buggy app I have ever used on iOS. I've deleted it. I use the mobile website through Safari when I can't get to a proper computer. It's also otherwise unimportant to me. :-p
I STILL want to know who ruined iOS.
Yeah, my fear is that Jony Ive is responsible for iOS 7's horrific mess and Christie is leaving because his original UI guidance was destroyed by Ive. But it was that original design that created the success of iOS devices in the first place. I want to know how this utter stupidity of iOS 7 got through even the first round of management meetings. Doesn't anyone at Apple have enough UI education AND power/influence???
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