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I'm an iPhone owner and I have zero interest in a watch of any kind. Certainly not some expensive wearable electronic jewelry. One of the primary functions of my iPhone is to be a clock and all the other things a watch does. Beyond that, it's a portable computer with robust Internet access, a calendar & reminder book, and it's the best GPS I've used. It's even a somewhat usable telephone. What the hell else could I want in a small pocket item?? I have no need for other...
Yes, one of the entities responsible for ruining the world's economy is trying to buy positive image by giving a pathetic micro pittance of money to a humanitarian cause. They probably have enough wealth to directly end several serious humanitarian issues outright, and still provide funding to complete research on other massive issues that don't get nearly enough funding. What will this deal cost them? 50,000$ at most? They spend more than that per week on lawyers.
And WARF is using that "invention" how? Once again, the whole damn system of copyrights and patents needs to be utterly wiped away and started over from scratch. There's zero invention any more because everything has been patented, including things no one actually invented, and the few entities actually utilizing the ideas are sued by everyone who claims to have patented the ideas... And half of the filings are duplications of other ideas already filed and so much of it...
Sounds like another very easily ignored anti-discrimination pledge.
Still not interested.
Yes!! I can't believe this is considered "good". Ive is not a GUI designer. He's ruining Apple's sense of GUI design excellence. Clueless!!!
That must be new to this update. Did they fix the file association problem where Mac OS wouldn't let you configure Pages docs to open in '09?
Yup. This "update" is still miles away from being an upgrade compared to the '09 versions.
Once again I'm sitting on money to buy an iPad, but with iOS 7 a disaster of bugs and GUI sickness, I don't feel like I want one any more. Sad. iPad Air is wasted on iOS 7.
This is just too common now. When is the industry going to deal with this at the fundamental level? These chips aren't built for heat tolerance in portables. This is what killed my MacBook Pro 3,1. Because of it, I refuse to let my newer 5,5 MacBook Pro get intensive GPU and CPU activity. Makes it less a workstation and more an Internet console.
New Posts  All Forums: