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No, what you don't understand is that these people are fed up with watching short sighted Wall Street bastards dictate the actions of companies by way of a stake that is based on nothing but stock and the greed to utilize it to stockpile yet more wealth, rather than actually giving a damn about the company, its products, and its customers. The outrage is clearly based on Icahn's greed-focused domineering behavior, not on his so-called investment smarts.
Unwanted sleep patterns? You mean living in a country that believes sleep doesn't matter to human health? The country where the phrase "a lack of sleep never killed anyone" (which is false) is the automatic corporate response to employees suffering lack of sleep due to their employment hours and stress. The country where they throw drugs at you which destroy quality of sleep instead of solving the problem (the problem is lack of deep sleep, not getting unconscious). The...
I had a Sony VAIO laptop. It was more expensive than the MacBook Pro that I replaced it with under Best Buy's no lemon policy. The VAIO had overheating problems (and was poorly engineered where the battery was socketed, leading to rattling when moved). Windows XP was what it came with and it was advertised to be compatible with the soon to be released free Vista upgrade. The machine was decent under XP. The machine was abysmal under Vista!! Between the bad drivers and...
What about curbing grants of frivolous patents??????
What about the bug where Mail shows duplicates of emails from only one of my contacts? Thunderbird doesn't do it and no prior Mac Mail version did.
I'm an iPhone owner and I have zero interest in a watch of any kind. Certainly not some expensive wearable electronic jewelry. One of the primary functions of my iPhone is to be a clock and all the other things a watch does. Beyond that, it's a portable computer with robust Internet access, a calendar & reminder book, and it's the best GPS I've used. It's even a somewhat usable telephone. What the hell else could I want in a small pocket item?? I have no need for other...
Yes, one of the entities responsible for ruining the world's economy is trying to buy positive image by giving a pathetic micro pittance of money to a humanitarian cause. They probably have enough wealth to directly end several serious humanitarian issues outright, and still provide funding to complete research on other massive issues that don't get nearly enough funding. What will this deal cost them? 50,000$ at most? They spend more than that per week on lawyers.
And WARF is using that "invention" how? Once again, the whole damn system of copyrights and patents needs to be utterly wiped away and started over from scratch. There's zero invention any more because everything has been patented, including things no one actually invented, and the few entities actually utilizing the ideas are sued by everyone who claims to have patented the ideas... And half of the filings are duplications of other ideas already filed and so much of it...
Sounds like another very easily ignored anti-discrimination pledge.
Still not interested.
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